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01 Nov 2018
Winter Sports and CBD

3 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Winter Sports

It’s November, but don’t be fooled. Winter is coming. As the snow begins to blanket the nearby slopes and trails, it’s time to get your body prepared for outdoor winter activities. Here are 3 ways to prepare your body for winter sports. Winter Sports Demand More For Your Body Winter sports are different because they […]

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14 Oct 2018
Health regime

CBD is the Health Regime You Won’t Quit

Sticking to a health regime is difficult. Whether you’re trying to adopt a health regime for the first time, or a regular at the gym and an overall health guru, sticking to a plan is hard. Luckily, CBD is the health regime you won’t quit. CBD Improves Your Overall Health Did you know that CBD […]

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02 Aug 2018
massage and CBD.

Massage and CBD Are The Perfect Pair

Massage is a therapeutic technique that can help to alleviate many health conditions. For example, massage can relieve stress, muscle tension, anxiety, and even depression. Already love the health benefits of massage? Massage and CBD are the perfect pair. How Can Massage Help Me? There are many ways that massage can increase your quality of […]

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24 Jul 2018

Be Happy, Lose Weight, and Improve Your Metabolism with CBD

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, and lazy? It happens! We’ve all felt like we’ve fallen into a rut every so often. Taking care of your body is a great way to get yourself back on track. Be happy, lose weight, and improve your metabolism with CBD. Why is Metabolism Important? Your metabolism refers to the […]

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01 Feb 2018
5 ways to improve flexibility.

5 Ways To Improve Your Flexibility

Within the human body there are hundreds of muscles, and sometimes they do funny things. Muscles get sore and ache when we work them through physical fitness or simply a new activity. Our muscles not only influence how we move but have a strong influence over how we feel. In order to maintain balance throughout […]

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17 Jan 2018

Enhance Your Fitness Regime With CBD

Infomercials, promising fitness results, show up on the TV in January. Expensive protein powders and exercise tapes go on sale, with the hopes you’ll believe in their slogans. While some of these products can help you to improve your level of fitness, most of them are spitting false promises. This year, you can avoid all of […]

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02 Nov 2017
5 reasons every athlete should take CBD.

5 Reasons Every Athlete Should Take CBD

Athletes everywhere are turning to CBD products. The question is, why? For athletes at every level, CBD can be a game-changer. Here are 5 reasons why every athlete should take CBD. 5 Reasons Every Athlete Should Take CBD 1.) Energy The gym is calling, but don’t feel very energetic. CBD can help with that. Athletes […]

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