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14 Apr 2019
CBD negative side effects.

Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects—Myth or Reality?

Does CBD Have Negative Side Effects? To many people, CBD is recognized as a medically and therapeutically beneficial medicine. It is also recognized as a natural remedy that can help treat different medical conditions and diseases. However, let’s not forget about the well-being and/or quality of life improvements CBD can provide. Although CBD has many […]

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31 Mar 2019
CBD to get high.

Can you Consume Cannabidiol to get High? CBD; a Non-psychoactive

Cannabidiol to get High; a Non-psychoactive Cannabidiol (CBD)—a non-psychoactive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and safe compound that can help treat various health issues. The cannabis plant contains different cannabinoids, and CBD and THC are two of the most recognizable ones. After consuming THC, consumers typically feel psychoactive effects or a “high” feeling. Whereas, after consuming CBD, consumers […]

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18 Jan 2019
cbd and weight loss

The Inside Scoop: CBD and Weight Loss

For decades, weight loss has become a major component of practicing health. There are many diet plans and fitness initiatives out there, but what about CBD? Can CBD help with weight loss? CBD and Components of Weight Loss Effective weight loss strategies approach weight loss from more than one angle. Additionally, CBD has been found to […]

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26 Nov 2018
Hungry Child Waiting For Meal

Boost Your Appetite With These Terpenes

The holidays are approaching fast, and that means that friends and families around the world will be enjoying delicious meals together. Unfortunately, due to a variety of medical conditions, not everyone has the appetite required of many holiday get-togethers. Luckily, you can boost your appetite with these terpenes. Tangi For those seeking appetite boosting effects, […]

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24 Jul 2018

Be Happy, Lose Weight, and Improve Your Metabolism with CBD

Are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, and lazy? It happens! We’ve all felt like we’ve fallen into a rut every so often. Taking care of your body is a great way to get yourself back on track. Be happy, lose weight, and improve your metabolism with CBD. Why is Metabolism Important? Your metabolism refers to the […]

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28 Jun 2018

5 Little-Known Uses for CBD

If you’re familiar with CBD, you probably know that there are numerous benefits to integrating it into your daily routine. Whether you suffer from a serious medical condition, or just like giving your endocannabinoid system a boost,  CBD is helping people everywhere stay healthy and in balance. While you may know how awesome CBD is, […]

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07 Jan 2018
What is the endocannabinoid system.

What is the Endocannabinoid System, and How Does It Work?

The Role Endocannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System What is the Endocannabinoid System, and do we all have one? If so, how does it work? We all have an Endocannabinoid System,  also known as ‘ECS’ for short. The system is named after the cannabis plant that led to its discovery, and the root of it comes […]

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15 Dec 2017

Talking to Your Loved Ones About CBD

When we are excited about something, we want to share it with our loved ones, right? Unfortunately, introducing CBD to your loved ones is not always an easy task. Due to its affiliation with THC, and cannabis in general, CBD is often disregarded. When talking to your loved ones about CBD there are many key […]

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03 Nov 2017
How does the endocannabinoid system work with CBD and appetite control?

How the Endocannabinoid System Works with CBD and Appetite Control

Find yourself needing more than 3 meals a day? Or hungry in the middle of the night? We’ve all been there. Despite how great a midnight snack can be, there’s an easy and natural way to control your appetite. CBD triggers your endocannabinoid system to help to control your appetite naturally, allowing you to focus […]

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02 Nov 2017
5 reasons every athlete should take CBD.

5 Reasons Every Athlete Should Take CBD

Athletes everywhere are turning to CBD products. The question is, why? For athletes at every level, CBD can be a game-changer. Here are 5 reasons why every athlete should take CBD. 5 Reasons Every Athlete Should Take CBD 1.) Energy The gym is calling, but don’t feel very energetic. CBD can help with that. Athletes […]

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