Shawn’s Story


Shawn is a 57-year-old female who suffers from joint pain as a result of arthritis, general anxiety, and has recently successfully won her battle with breast cancer. Before taking CBD, Shawn was frustrated with her pharmaceutical medications – they only relieve her pain and anxiety sometimes, and that relief was very temporary. After having an inconsistent experience with pharmaceuticals, Shawn sought more natural relief.

For the last year, Shawn has been taking CBD on a daily basis. Using a variety of delivery methods, Shawn has found that CBD helps to alleviate her arthritic joint pain, anxiety, and even has helped to heal her radiation burns. She reports that on most days, she feels like a 9, on a scale from 1-10. Of CBD, she says “I believe in this product.”

After Taking CBD

Shawn’s experience with CBD was profoundly different from her experience with prescribed medication. She feared the addictive qualities of pain medication and discovered that medication for her anxiety was hit-or-miss and unable to provide her with the consistency that she needed to live her daily life.

With CBD, Shawn has found long-term, consistent relief for all of her conditions. She reports that CBD doesn’t “wear-off through the day,” and has provided natural relief for her joint pain, anxiety, and irritated skin following her breast cancer surgery.

Arthritic Joint Pain

Millions of individuals around the world are diagnosed with some type of arthritis during their lifetime; Shawn experiences arthritic joint pain in her back and hips. Prior to taking CBD, Shawn used pharmaceutical pain medication but found that it only gave her relief for 4 hours which interfered with her normal levels of activity. Fearing its addictive nature, Shawn turned to all-natural CBD. When she has arthritic flares, Shawn reports that using CBD has made her “more functional for the entire day.”


While she has fought and successfully defeated breast cancer, Shawn experienced anxiety. She found that anxiety medication was mostly ineffective, and sought a natural alternative during the post-surgery recovery process. Shawn reports that CBD has helped to alleviate her anxiety throughout the day, making her feel calmer, allowing her to focus more on her recovery.

Skin Irritation due to Breast Cancer

Following her breast cancer surgery, Shawn had radiation burns. She reported that her skin chaffed, making it uncomfortable and limiting her normal range of motion. For the last year, since her surgery, Shawn has used topical CBD on her radiation burns. Today, she says that her skin is no longer chaffed or irritated because of CBD.


On most days, Shawn consumes 100 mg of CBD. When she experiences an arthritic flare-up, she consumes as much as 1000 mg to provide her with all-day relief.

Delivery Method

On a daily basis, Shawn uses CBD capsules. She also likes CBD oil, gummies, and vape pens when she’s experiencing pain. For her skin irritation, she uses CBD lotion and salve.

CBD Research

Arthritic Joint Pain

Many studies have established the positive effect of CBD on arthritic joint pain. In addition to being an established anti-inflammatory, CBD has been found to reduce pain and nerve damage related to arthritis. In one study, rats were given a dose of CBD; the results suggest that CBD reduces joint inflammation while also protecting nerves from potential damage due to severe inflammation.


For years, CBD has been explored as a potential treatment for anxiety. From generalized anxiety to PTSD, to social anxiety disorder and panic disorder, CBD has been used in animal and human clinical trials. The medical community has established that CBD is vast potential in the realm of psychiatric medicine, specifically anxiety.

Skin Irritation

Research suggests that CBD can have an impact on a variety of skin conditions. When applied topical, research has found that CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory for the skin. More specifically, one study has found that CBD provides relief for psoriasis, helping to inhibit our skin’s proliferation when irritated; this study suggests CBD many other potential uses for skin irritations.


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