Robert’s Story


Robert, a 59-year-old male, has experienced and continues to experience different medical related issues due to a variety of complications that have occurred throughout his life. For example, Robert underwent back surgery fourteen years ago. This resulted in his inability to go back to work. Although he was able to do daily chores and other normal tasks, he still experienced consistent pain and discomfort. Robert also suffers from pain due to neuropathy that began in his legs, which has led to necessary yet unpleasant life adjustments.

Robert has been taking Infinite CBD’s isolate droppers for seven months so far. In the past, Robert tried the Infinite CBD vape and gummy products, however, he realized that the isolate droppers work the best for him. In general, Robert feels less pain and he has a lot more energy than he used to have. He even sleeps better, and feels as though he’s getting well rather than just blocking/numbing the pain like his pain medications used to do.

After Taking CBD

The effects Robert feels from taking CBD made him feeling better from the start. From there, he adjusted his dosage according to his specific needs each day. A handful of positives Robert has felt from taking CBD consists of pain-relief, a reduction in blood pressure, increased energy, and interest in reading daily. Thus far, Robert hasn’t experienced any negatives from taking CBD.

Due to Robert’s success from Infinite CBD’s products, he gladly recommended it to his wife who has fibromyalgia. He advised her to take a dosage of one milligram per ten pounds of body weight per our suggestion dose cards. She has been content with this amount from the beginning. Occasionally, Robert’s wife misses her morning dose, but when that happens, Robert just brings a full dose to her by mid-morning, so that she wouldn’t be in pain for the remainder of the day.

Prior to taking Infinite CBD products as Robert’s main form of medicine, he felt chronic pain every day, he received a diagnosis of high blood pressure two years ago, and he realized that one of his hips is going out. As a result, Robert is getting a new hip in January of 2018. However, he began feeling consistent pain this past year due to neuropathy that began in his legs, which has led to him becoming chair bound all the time.

Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, Robert experiences chronic pain on a regular basis, and it used to be quite debilitating at times before he started taking CBD. The pain he experiences occurs in his back, his legs, and overall body. This has led to him to sitting a lot more than walking around and standing. Since taking CBD though, Robert is able to manage his pain a lot better. He’s able to complete daily tasks without being in excruciating pain.


Although neuropathic pain varies from person to person, Robert began experiencing neuropathic pain in his legs this past year, which travels down his body. As a result, this type of pain has caused him to be chair-bound for the majority of his days unless he takes his standard CBD dosage. The neuropathic pain Robert deals with is unpleasant, painful, and frustrating since the pain stops him from doing things he would normally like to do. Fortunately though, Robert can get throughout his day relatively pain-free when he takes his usual CBD dose.

High Blood Pressure

In general, Robert has experienced various medical problems throughout this life, and his high blood pressure diagnosis was made two years ago before Robert began taking CBD. As a result of Robert taking CBD regularly though, his blood pressure dropped, and he doesn’t worry too much about this diagnosis as compared to two years ago when he took his prescribed pharmaceutical medications. In the future, Robert plans on taking CBD regularly since it has helped all of his current medical conditions in some way thus far.

CBD Dose

Overall, Robert’s daily CBD regime consists of taking our isolate Dropper with a dosage of 36 milligrams two to three times a day. He takes this amount frequently unless he’s having an exceptionally bad day, and in this case, he increases his average daily amount to feel the relief his body is craving. He strongly believes that this medicine helps his body’s chemistry and balances himself out.

After taking the Dropper for the first time, Robert experienced a significant pain decrease from 10 to only 3-4. Although the pain is still present sometimes, it’s much subtler than it used to be, and his pain doesn’t keep him from doing things he wants to do as compared to the past. In previous years, Robert was prescribed 100 milligrams of morphine for pain, which he took two times a day for eight long years. However, since Robert began taking CBD sublingually, he was able to completely go off his medications two years ago. He hasn’t gone back on them since.

Delivery Method

The main delivery method Robert utilizes is orally via isolate droppers. Although Robert tried other delivery methods in the past such as vaping, he realized that taking CBD orally is the best option for him. Also, Robert feels like the isolate droppers absorb into his body more effectively, and he’s able to measure out his dosage more easily as compared to other delivery methods. It took Robert a little while to find the right dosage and delivery method that works best for him, but after some trial and error, he found a suitable dosage and method that treats his specific needs the best.

CBD Research

Due to the constant pain and discomfort Robert used to experience daily, he decided to try something else, and he began researching CBD and its medical benefits. After researching for about 6-7 months, Robert decided to try CBD, and his friend gave him 100 milligrams to start off with. Robert took the recommended amount for his weight (180 pounds), and as a result, he was pain-free for the first time in two years. Unfortunately, the pain relief didn’t last that long, however, Robert realized CBD’s potential, and he decided to try Infinite CBD’s products from there.

Chronic Pain

It has been found in various studies that CBD has the ability to significantly reduce chronic pain throughout the body. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, it demonstrates how CB1 stimulation reduces pain and inflammation, and the study also discussed cannabis’s multiple medicinal properties such as pain-relief and muscle spasm-relief. It has been found that various cannabinoids, especially CBD play an important role in targeting pain throughout the body and then suppressing and relieving pain and inflammation.


Neuropathic pain is known as a debilitating form of chronic pain that commonly results from nerve injuries, disease states, and/or toxic insults, according to the National Institute of Health. The same organization conducted a clinical and non-clinical study that focuses on cannabinoids acting as pharmacotherapies for neuropathic pain. The clinical study’s findings strongly affirm that neuropathic pain patients receive benefits from cannabinoid treatment including the cannabinoid, CBD. Also, the combination of THC and CBD show significant improvements in neuropathic pain, but so far, there’s concrete evidence that demonstrates cannabinoids’ ability to provide relief to patients suffering from neuropathic pain like Robert.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is very common among Americans, in particular, and Robert is one individual who suffered from high blood pressure before taking CBD. A National Institute of Health study was conducted this past year, which demonstrates how a single dose of CBD can reduce the body’s blood pressure. Preclinical studies show how CBD contains multiple cardiovascular benefits, which includes a reduced blood pressure response to stress. The study’s findings also show that an acute administration of CBD reduces resting blood pressure. Although more research needs to be done to establish whether CBD can serve as a treatment for cardiovascular disorders, for now, we know that CBD can reduce people’s blood pressure.

Overall, the main medical conditions Robert struggles with comes from his chronic aches and pain due to his previous back surgery, his faulty hip, his high blood pressure, his recent neuropathic pain, and different side effects that occurred from his prescribed pharmaceutical medications. Fortunately, CBD has provided significant relief to Robert and his different conditions, and he has no desire to take his pharmaceutical medications again.


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