Randall’s Story


Randall, a sixty-year old married male with two grandchildren experiences regular back and shoulder pain. As most other people, Randall also experiences daily stress, and much of his pain, discomfort, and stress originated from a severe accident he was in back in 1992. Although Randall experiences regular back and shoulder aches and pain, he’s familiar with the medical and healthcare sector since he’s a trained surgical technician with two years of college experience and several special training classes.

After Taking CBD

The main effects Randall feels after consuming CBD includes significant stress and pain-relief. He used to consume regular prescription pain medications for his back and shoulder pain, however, those caused him serious side effects after long-term usage. With this being said, Randall grew even more interested in CBD based products because of its lack of side effects and the natural benefits it delivers to users.

So far, the only negatives Randall has experienced from consuming Infinite CBD’s products consists of trying to find a quality product on a consistent basis. Initially, Randall had a difficult time finding a consistent product to use regularly. However, he has expressed that Infinite CBD has done a really good job with having enough products in stock on a regular basis and for a consistent price.

Randall has consumed several of Infinite CBD’s products so far including the isolate drops, the Freezing Point lotion, and the vape cartridges when they’re available. However, Randall’s main Infinite CBD product of choice is the isolate drops. Overall though, Randall has used Infinite CBD products for approximately two-three years, and his reasons for usage have been the same since the beginning. When the vape cartridges are available and in stock, Randall uses them for quick stress relief, and he enjoys the nearly immediate effects it delivers. However, most of the time, Randall consumes the isolate drops for his back and shoulder pain.

Due to Randall’s success from Infinite CBD’s products, he gladly recommended them to his wife who has a crushed pelvis due to the same car accident Randall was in during the 90s. The Infinite CBD Freezing Point lotion is the only product that provided Randall’s wife with relief, and she was very surprised as to how well it worked. Due to the quick and effective results the lotion delivers, Randall’s wife has no reason to consume any other medication or pain killer.

Each Condition

Before trying Infinite CBD products, Randall used different pain medications to treat his back and shoulder pain, but they delivered serious adverse side effects after long-term usage. Also, Randall has experienced consistent stress for years, and it flairs up when he doesn’t consume his CBD-based medicine. The severe accident Randall was in years ago has caused him and his wife multiple medical issues that have fortunately gotten better after consuming CBD.


Overall, Randall’s regular CBD-regime consists of consuming eight or nine drops of the 1,000 milligram isolate drops. He also uses the Freezing Point lotion for breakthrough pain, which provides him with significant relief. Randall often rubs the lotion onto different body parts to experience localized relief, and he believes the lotion is a great starting point for people who are new to both cannabis and CBD. In general, Randall enjoys the benefits CBD provides him with, but also the simplicity of measuring out the desired dosage he wants to take and that he can re-order the same product time after time and at an excellent price.

After the accident Randall endured in 1992, most of his life consisted of him consuming prescription pain medications for his back and shoulder pain. However, since using CBD based products, Randall has cut back 75 percent of the amount of pain meds he used to initially take, which is a huge step in the right direction.

Delivery Method

The main delivery method Randall utilizes is orally via Infinite CBD’s isolate drops and topically via the Freezing Point lotion. Occasionally, Randall will consume CBD through inhalation by using Infinite CBD’s vape cartridges, however, that’s not his main CBD method of choice.

Depending on his pain and stress level, Randall will switch off between using the isolate drops and the Freezing Point lotion or using both to experience the relief he’s looking for. When Randall doesn’t consume CBD, an increase in stress occurs, which can lead to additional problems and difficulty managing pain. However, Randall was glad to find out that when he doesn’t use CBD, he doesn’t experience true withdrawals as compared to the pharmaceutical pain medications he used to take.

CBD Research

Chronic Pain

Through the findings of different studies on CBD and other cannabinoids, it has been found that CBD can significantly reduce chronic pain throughout the body. In particular, according to a 2008 study published by the National Institute of Health, it explains how CB1 stimulation reduces both pain and inflammation. The study went on to discuss cannabis’ and other cannabinoids’ numerous medicinal properties including CBD’s ability to deliver pain and inflammation-relief. Overall, it has been found that different cannabinoids including CBD hold significant value, and they play a crucial role in targeting pain within the body and then suppressing and relieving it.

Chronic Stress

Although more research needs to be conducted on the linkage between CBD and chronic stress, thus far, different research findings have been released, which show promising results. For example, CBD has been found to be an emergent therapeutic strategy for lessening the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress, according to a 2011 review article published by Science Direct.

The review article discusses recent studies that have indicated that CBD could treat a number of diseases and disorders that involve the activation of the immune system and associated oxidative stress. For those who don’t know, oxidative stress is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to counteract their harmful effects through antioxidant neutralization. Moving forward, additional studies will need to be conducted and released regarding the link between CBD and chronic stress and stress-related medical issues.

Each condition

The main medical issues Randall experiences to this day initially occurred after the accident he endured in 1992, which includes his chronic back and shoulder pain in addition to consistent stress. Although Randall consumed pharmaceutical pain medications for years to treat his pain, they didn’t give him the relief Infinite CBD products do. Due to the success and positive results Randall and his wife have experienced from Infinite CBD’s products, he has shared his story and the products with many different people ranging from geriatric patients to cancer patients.

As a result, almost all of those individuals have experienced some degree of relief, and many of them continue to use CBD. Overall, Randall has expressed his genuine appreciation for these CBD based products and the relief they provide him and his wife with in addition to Infinite CBD’s attempt to help people find and use a natural yet effective product.


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