Rachel’s Story


Rachel is a 26-year-old female who experiences joint pain and generalized anxiety. As a former college athlete, she experiences joint pain in her knees on almost a daily basis, which has increased in severity over the last two years. In addition, Rachel manages anxiety on a daily basis and has done so for the last 5 years.

Before taking CBD, Rachel managed her two conditions in a few ways. For her joint pain, she used over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication and topical numbing cream. After physical activity, she required ice, and sometimes a few days of rest. For her anxiety, Rachel used pharmaceutical medications on a daily basis, a daily medication when experiencing extra stress. While her anxiety was mostly relieved, some of her physical symptoms, like body aches, continued without reprieve; this impacted her attendance at social events, her travel schedule, and her daily work.

For the last year, Rachel has been taking CBD on a regular basis. Using a variety of delivery methods, she has found that CBD products alleviate both her joint pain and some of her anxiety symptoms. On a scale of 1 to 10, Rachel reports that on most days she’s an 8, and sometimes a 9.

After Taking CBD

Rachel reports improvement in her joint pain and anxiety after taking CBD. After learning about CBD about 2 years ago, Rachel used it on and off for her joint pain; in the last few months, she has used CBD every day to help alleviate her joint pain. Prior to using CBD for her joint pain, Rachel used over-the-counter medications and numbing pain cream; both of these had inconsistent results. Rachel’s anxiety has also decreased after taking CBD. She reports that it makes her feel more clear-headed then some of the pharmaceutical medications she’s taken in the past.

When asked if CBD has changed her life for the better, Rachel says “It’s amazing to feel relief from something that’s natural product; it’s nice to know what you’re putting into your body.”

Joint Pain

Rachel’s joint pain started at the end of high school and extended into her years playing softball at the collegiate level. When examined by a doctor, Rachel was told that her pain was a result of chronic inflammation and wear-and-tear in the ligaments surrounding her knee. Before taking CBD, Rachel’s joint pain would flare up, even after light workouts. Since beginning her CBD routine, Rachel’s pain has been significantly alleviated – it no longer takes her days to recover from a light workout. Instead, Rachel’s fitness is now roughly 5 days a week and she reportedly has “very little” knee pain.


Over the years, Rachel’s anxiety has been managed using pharmaceuticals and therapy. During stressful periods, however, it can often manifest in physical symptoms which can be dilapidating. Prior to taking CBD, Rachel found relief with stronger pharmaceutical medications, but those left her feeling lethargic. Now, when anxiety creeps up, she takes CBD. She reports that it makes her feel less anxious and more clear-headed.


Rachel uses Freezing Point every day as needed, but usually 3 times per day. When anxious, she takes 25mg and usually finds relief with that amount.

Delivery Method

Rachel finds that there are two delivery methods that are effective for her. First and foremost, she uses topical CBD products for her joint pain. For her anxiety, Rachel takes CBD orally, either in the form of Asteroid Gummies or CBD Isolate Droppers.

CBD Research

Joint Pain

Research has found that CBD helps to alleviate joint pain. A review of the most recent CBD research suggests that CBD targets “inflammatory and autoimmune agents.” More specifically, studies also show that CBD helps to activate the immune system when being exposed to stress; as an antioxidant CBD keeps the body’s cells healthy and functioning properly.


Cannabinoids have been found to have an effect on anxiety. A study conducted by the Journal of Psychopharmacology suggests that CBD can help to alleviate social anxiety disorders by targeting the limbic and paralimbic brain areas. Another study, published in 2007, shows that CBD has clinical potential for those suffering from panic-disorder and social anxiety disorder.


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