Nichole’s Story

About Nichole and Her Conditions

Nichole, a twenty-four-year old female has experienced depression and anxiety for years. She has also struggled with bipolar disorder for as long as she could remember. In the past, when Nichole was twenty years old, she also received a diagnosis of pleurisy. This diagnosis was made after she made a trip to the ER because she felt like she was having a heart attack. To help Nichole manage her anxiety and depression though, one of her doctors put her on a SSRI. However, rather than this medicine helping Nichole, it made matters worse. Nichole’s anxiety and depression became so severe that she was at the point of suicidal ideation numerous times a day every single day. From here, Nichole was prescribed a SNRI, which is meant to help people manage chronic pain.

Although these medications can help many people, they did not do the trick for Nichole. The only positive that was gained from taking the SNRI was that it benefited and alleviated Nichole’s chest pain. However, the medicine did not help her much with the rest of her daily symptoms. She experienced difficulties with eating, sleeping, and she often felt like she was crawling out of her skin. Because of the physical relief Nichole felt from the medicine, she continued to consume it. Not long after this though, Nichole’s friend gave her some Cannabidiol (CBD) drops. Right away, Nichole experienced anxiety-relief. She also felt like the depression she struggled with was lifted, and it floated away.

Due to the significant relief Nichole has experienced from CBD so far, she decided to stay on this path of alternative medicines. She then transitioned into using Infinite CBD’s products, which have helped her gain mental, emotional, and physical clarity.

After Taking CBD

Overall, after people consume CBD, the effects they experience is quite unique. The effects are also without adverse side effects, which is one aspect that draws many people in including Nichole. After Nichole consumes her daily CBD dose, she feels happy and calm. She also experiences a positive boost in her general well-being. Also, these specific effects are the ones Nichole initially experienced after she consumed CBD for the first time.

When Nichole consumes her regular CBD dose, she expressed that she feels amazing with CBD in her life. Not only does she feel at ease, but she also does not get extremely consumed on a mental level. It is common for people to struggle with negative thoughts and feelings, especially amongst those who have dealt with depression for years. For Nichole, she experiences fewer negative thoughts and feelings after she consumes CBD. This is something her other medications do not provide. Additionally, Nichole’s mood is much more stabilized after CBD enters her body, and her stress level significantly decreases.

Furthermore, the effects Nichole feels after consuming CBD as compared to the effects she feels from her pharmaceutical medications is vastly different. For example, physically, Nichole feels a lot lighter and less bogged down when she consumes CBD. Whereas, she feels more overwhelmed and bogged down after she takes high doses of her SNRI pharmaceutical medications. Fortunately, with the incorporation of CBD, Nichole can eat better and sleep more soundly. She can even function better within all her personal relationships. This is due to the improved mental and physical state of being post-CBD consumption.

Usually, Nichole lays in bed for multiple hours tossing and turning while thinking non-stop before she falls asleep. However, after taking CBD, Nichole can lay down and fall asleep within thirty minutes, which is one aspect that Nichole loves. She expressed that CBD’s sleeping benefits have been one of the greatest things in her life. This is often the case with other people too who struggle with insomnia and other sleeping disorders and difficulties.

Another significant positive that Nichole has noticed since she has taken CBD is the improvements in her personal relationships. Specifically, Nichole’s boyfriend has noticed how much easier disagreements and conversations are as compared to when Nichole only consumed her SNRI medication. Because of CBD usage, Nichole is calmer, and she does not go off the deep end as quickly. She can control her thoughts and feelings much better without escalating conversations or arguments with others.

Regarding Nichole’s bipolar disorder diagnosis, it has been the hardest thing for her to manage. However, with the incorporation of CBD products, it has become a thousand times easier for her to manage. This positive effects of this medically and therapeutically beneficial cannabinoid makes Nichole so happy because she knows that there is hope for managing a bipolar disorder cycle. For years, she felt like these cycles would go on for so long and that they would never let ger go. Now that Nichole consumes CBD regularly though, she is reassured of how much CBD can significantly improve one’s quality of life and well-being.

Each Condition

In the past, Nichole was prescribed various pharmaceutical medications to help her manage anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, which she regularly struggles with. After Nichole was diagnosed with pleurisy four years ago, she was prescribed a SSRI by her doctor. However, this worsened her anxiety and depression to the point where she felt regularly suicidal. Due to the extreme side effects this medication delivered, Nichole stopped taking it. However, she transitioned into consuming a SNRI, which helps her manage chronic chest pain. Although the SNRI helped provide chest pain relief, it did not help treat Nichole’s other medical conditions and symptoms.

Specifically, the SNRI led to eating and sleeping difficulties. It also led to Nichole feeling like she was crawling out of her skin. Due to the medication delivering physical pain relief though, she continued to take this. However, once Nichole tried CBD drops, nearly everything changed on a mental, physical, and even emotional level. There are many medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD, which entice numerous people including Nichole. Since CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, people can rest easy knowing that they can consume high doses of this medicine without feeling intoxicated or impaired. This is one aspect that compels people to try this alternative form of medicine, especially those who want to experience natural relief.

Amount of CBD

Nichole has been consuming CBD for about four months. Since she has consumed this medicine, Nichole has noticed substantial changes in her state of mind and physical health. She has even noticed positive improvements in her personal relationships. At this time, Nichole mainly uses the Charlotte’s Web vape juice product that contains 500 milligrams. Depending on the severity of Nichole’s symptoms and her struggles, she will consume this product throughout the day as needed. Although some people have a standard dose that remains consistent no matter what, Nichole consumes as much CBD as she needs per day. Therefore, her dose varies, and it is not consistent on a day-to-day basis. This works for Nichole though, and it has worked for several months already.

Delivery Method

Additionally, nowadays, there are numerous CBD consumption methods that people can try. Fortunately for individuals who are looking for physical, emotional, and mental help, Infinite CBD has a wide variety of products that can help. These products fit into various consumption methods as well, which allows customers to choose the product(s) that will work the best for them. So far, Nichole’s favorite CBD consumption method is vaping. She likes this method because it is not only convenient, but there is not much of an unenjoyable taste to it.

After Nichole tried the CBD drops her friend gave her, she immediately ordered Infinite CBD’s vape juice, and she has used it every day since then. In the future, Nichole mentioned that she would like to order Infinite CBD’s oral CBD drops. Her intention is to see if the drops have any added benefits compared to the vape juice. She is also curious to see if the CBD drops will have any benefit regarding keeping vapor/smoke out of her lungs.

Furthermore, although Nichole experienced some physical relief from the SNRI medication, it does not help her in all of the ways she needs. Fortunately, though, Nichole has been able to lower her SNRI dosage from forty milligrams to only ten milligrams when combined with CBD. The combination of CBD and a lower dose of the SNRI medication truly changed Nichole’s life, and eventually, she hopes to stop taking the SNRI medication completely.

Then, when Nichole was asked about how she feels without CBD, she expressed some struggles. For example, when Nichole does not take CBD, she notices a higher frequency of negative thoughts. She even feels like her mood fluctuates, which can be overwhelming, especially when she feels like she has zero control over her mind and thoughts. Additionally, when Nichole skips a CBD dose or runs out of her go-to CBD product, her body feels more fatigued and sorer. She also experiences more headaches when she does not consume CBD, and generally, she does not feel more than a four or five out of ten without this alternative form of medicine.

On the same note, when Nichole does not consume CBD, sometimes, she has the tendency to lash out easily or get irritable incredibly fast. Thanks to CBD though, she has a much better handle on this. Nichole also has more patience and does not get frustrated as easily when she takes CBD.

Throughout the four months that Nichole has been consuming CBD, she has experienced many more positives than negatives. The only negative that she found regarding CBD was when she first starting using it. In the beginning, CBD made her stomach a little upset. However, this quickly went away once her body adapted to the medicine and became used to it.

When Nichole was asked how she felt on a scale of 1-10, that day, she felt like an eight. This was the case because she woke up with menstrual cramps due to her period. But, CBD can help with abdominal cramps due to its analgesic properties, so Nichole did not have to suffer for long. Right when she woke up, Nichole began vaping from her bed, and the pain completely disappeared. From there, she was able to get out of bed and function without feeling like there was glass in her uterus.

CBD Research

Even though Nichole struggles with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, she has found significant relief from Infinite CBD’s medically and therapeutically beneficial products. Nichole can function much better, stay calmer, and experience all-around relief after consuming CBD as compared to the pharmaceutical medications she was prescribed in the past. Overall, Nichole’s favorite and most commonly used Infinite CBD product is the vape juice, and she plans on consuming this in the future due to its ability to provide her with effective relief and a boost in her overall well-being.


Over the years, cannabis and CBD’s anti-anxiety properties have been revealed. The findings of various studies and clinical trials indicate that cannabinoids including CBD can help lessen different degrees of anxiety. Then, according to the findings released by The Journal of Psychopharmacology, the study’s participants with diagnoses of Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (GSAD) experienced lowered levels of anxiety after taking CBD.

Then, similar findings were released from studies on animal subjects with anxiety. In particular, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that CBD can lessen the intensity of anxiety plus different degrees of stress and general anxiety. Fortunately for current and potential CBD consumers, this medically and therapeutically beneficial cannabinoid was grouped as a safe substance according to the World Health Organization. To this day, additional studies and clinical trials are being conducted so researchers can discover more benefits between cannabinoids and different types of anxiety.


Currently, millions of people struggle with different types of depression. On the plus side, CBD can help lessen the severity of depression and many symptoms it causes. Over the years, CBD’s anti-depressant properties were discovered and reported in addition to its psychiatric potential. Due to CBD’s psychiatric potential, it is believed by various researchers and doctors that this cannabinoid could help those with bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mood disorders.

Then, according to the findings from a study that focused on animal subjects, CBD’s anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects were reported. Stay tuned to find out more about future advancements regarding CBD’s medicinal properties in the areas of mood disorders and depression.


For those who do not know, pleurisy is a condition that consists of tissue inflammation. Specifically, the tissues that line the body’s lungs and chest cavity become inflamed, which leads to intense pain, especially in the chest. It can also impact individuals’ breathing as a result. Fortunately, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can work to relieve the tissue inflammation that pleurisy individuals experience. Also, CBD’s analgesic properties can work to alleviate the chest pain that is felt by those who have pleurisy.


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