Kenneth CBD Story

About Kenneth and His Condition(s)

Kenneth, a twenty-seven-year-old male has experienced and continues to experience several different medical issues that first occurred at a very young age. A few of these medical issues are more severe than the others, but in the end, they all cause Kenneth some degree of pain and discomfort. Kenneth’s health issues have accumulated over the years, especially after a car accident he was in six years ago. However, everything started when Kenneth was born prematurely, at 4 months, and this came along with a birth defect. To this day, Kenneth described his premature birth as feeling “out of place freely.”

As the years went on, Kenneth experienced other health issues. For example, he experiences seizures that are caused from prominent crista magma. In simpler terms, a part of Kenneth’s brain that usually produces a regular amount of fluid ends up overproducing fluid. Due to the pressure this causes, seizures occur. Kenneth expressed that this started happening six years ago after he was dropped from a car going about 60 miles per hour. In addition, Kenneth struggles with PTSD due to the various traumatic events he experienced throughout his life and other daily battles.

Aside from seizures and PTSD, Kenneth has lived with a bad hip for years, which got progressively worse after the car accident he was in. However, at that time, Kenneth lived on the third story of an apartment building, which seemed to do more harm than good. The wear and tear of going up and down several flights of stairs per day and the impact Kenneth’s hip endured from the car accident has resulted in consistent pain to this day. Kenneth’s bad hip lasted for four years after his car accident before his hip completely went out, and from here, he had to explore other options.

In addition, in the past, Kenneth was shot, and he landed on a six-inch blade, which resulted in both nerve and joint damage. He also has knees that pop in as well as three different stomach issues, which consist of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastroenteritis, and a stomach ulcer.

After Taking CBD

Overall, the effects that individuals feel after consuming CBD are not the exact same for everyone. However, it’s common for CBD users to feel physical relaxation and a sense of calm wash over them after consumption. Thus far, since Kenneth has been consuming CBD, he has experienced significant relief both physically and mentally. After Kenneth consumes CBD, he feels relaxed, especially if the right terpenes are added into the products he uses. He also feels seizure-free, and a reduction in pain occurs. Although Kenneth doesn’t feel complete pain-relief after consuming CBD, his pain is anywhere from 4-6 out of 10 post-CBD usage.

In general, there are several positive effects and benefits that individuals experience after they use Infinite CBD products. Specifically, after Kenneth consumes CBD, he feels much more clearheaded and relaxed, especially if terpenes are added into the products he uses. Kenneth also feels a reduction in inflammation after taking Infinite CBD products.

One main positive that resonates with Kenneth though is that there’s no real overdose point with CBD. Therefore, when and if one needs to consume a high dose of CBD, they can get what they need without having to worry about over-dosing unlike many different western medications. Overall, Kenneth enjoys CBD’s natural effects, medicinal benefits, and the link/support between Cannabidiol and the body’s endocannabinoid system.

So far, the only negatives Kenneth has found regarding taking CBD is that the non-flower forms of CBD are quite pricey for his income. Also, CBD doesn’t encourage/motivate his body to eat. Thus, Kenneth consumes THC to experience the appetite-stimulating effects he sometimes looks for.


Prior to consuming Infinite CBD products, Kenneth used to consume western pharmaceutical medications to feel some degree of relief from PTSD, seizures, chronic pain, and inflammation from his bad hip and knees. He expressed that the western medications were about as effective as using a pocket knife to mine for gold. Eventually, Kenneth decided to try a natural form of medicine, which is when he discovered medical cannabis.

First, Kenneth began consuming medical cannabis with varying levels of THC. However, he noticed that THC didn’t help stop his seizures, but rather, the cannabinoid made him not care as much about the seizures he experienced. From here, Kenneth transitioned into using CBD, and then he began consuming Infinite CBD products.

CBD Dose

Moreover, Kenneth consumes CBD every day and multiple times a day. In particular, his standard dose is 100 milligrams every two hours. Sometimes, Kenneth will consume this amount of CBD via vaping, but other times, he consumes his regular dose via edibles. So far, Kenneth has been consuming whole medical cannabis for nine years. Whereas, he has consumed CBD for five years, and he has no desire to switch back to western meds.

After Kenneth takes his regular CBD dose, he feels much more relaxed (physically and mentally). He also feels seizure-free and in a much more controllable/manageable amount of pain than usual. When Kenneth doesn’t take CBD though, he experiences a chain of seizures in addition to a PTSD-filled mess with enough added pain to take down an elephant.

Also, since there’s no overdose point with CBD, Kenneth feels comfortable consuming more than 100 milligrams of CBD (if need be) without having to worry about possibly overdosing.

Delivery Method

Even though there are many different CBD delivery methods to choose from, Kenneth has found that vaporizing CBD works well for him and his specific needs. He has expressed that vaporizing CBD is helpful due to the heat that occurs from the hits, which create a kettle pot effect, and this leads to fluid draining out. However, Kenneth loves making and using CBD-infused lotions and edibles for a little extra kick during the day.

Contrary to the many health issues Kenneth has been diagnosed with, he feels amazing due to Infinite CBD’s products and the relief they deliver. Despite Kenneth recently working a twenty-four-hour work shift four days ago and two other shifts that ranged from 12-15 hours long, he feels much better than he used to years ago. Although his medical issues will never fully go away, Kenneth expressed that they’ll go away just enough so he can get by with what he can afford at the moment.

CBD Research

Post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD)

Post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) is a stress-related disorder that can significantly impact one’s quality of life and well-being. Typically, traumatic events and/or life situations can activate fear and other painful emotions, which can trigger several split-second changes within the body. Even though pharmaceutical medications are commonly prescribed to help manage PTSD symptoms, medical cannabis and different cannabinoids like CBD are gaining popularity by those affected by PTSD.

On the same note, one 2017 study on Cannabidiol and general fear memories associated with PTSD indicated some interesting findings. The study found that after Cannabidiol administration, a reduction took place between the conditioned fear expression and fear generalization. From here, the study’s researchers concluded that Cannabidiol disrupts the consolidation of different fear memories via the anandamide-mediated activation of varying receptors including CB1 and CB2.

In addition, a recent review of the current literature regarding cannabis usage and PTSD was conducted, and multiple published studies indicated a decrease in PTSD symptoms with cannabis usage. Also, numerous U.S. states and Canadian provinces have approved of PTSD as a qualifying condition under their medical cannabis programs. Thus, the medicinal value of cannabis and CBD and the benefits they deliver to those with PTSD is understood by different lawmakers, physicians, and PTSD patients.

Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

As many of you may know, Cannabidiol contains anti-epileptic and anti-convulsive properties, which has grabbed the attention of people all over the world. Since CBD is completely non-psychoactive, many children and teenagers with various seizure disorders have transitioned into consuming this natural cannabinoid to feel relief rather than consuming harmful pharmaceutical medications. As time goes on, more studies are revealing the medicinal value of CBD in helping treat seizures and rare forms of epilepsy.

Back in 2010, one study indicated that CBD displayed anti-convulsant properties in animal models, and the cannabinoid reduced seizure frequency in limited human trials. The study went on to conclude that the data suggests that CBD has anticonvulsant potential. Now, let’s fast forward to 2017 when another study was conducted on Cannabidiol administration and epilepsy. The study concluded by stating that CBD shows a well-defined anticonvulsant profile in animal models.

Also, after several placebo-controlled trials were conducted on CBD-based drugs, it was discovered that CBD improves seizure control, especially when added onto other AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs). Overall, past studies have already revealed the anti-epileptic effect CBD has on users, and more studies and clinical trials are being conducted to this day to discover more about this medicinally valuable cannabinoid.


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