Joseph’s Story


Joseph, a 31-year-old male is a stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor, and he has experienced several medical issues in recent years. As a result of battling and beating cancer, Joseph has experienced additional medical problems like lymphedema, which is the swelling of limbs. In addition, Joseph experiences paranoia, racing thoughts, and anxiety when he medicates with cannabis in the evenings. Overall, Joseph experiences anxiety during the day and evening, but the level of it depends on the day.

So far, Joseph has been consuming our Infinite CBD isolate droppers for four months. In general, Joseph prefers taking the isolate droppers because they’ve been the most effective for him. Joseph expressed that he feels the droppers’ effects very quickly, which is both beneficial and refreshing. Overall, after consuming the Infinite CBD isolate droppers, Joseph feels much better and healthier, which allows him to do everyday tasks including going to work.

After Taking CBD

Joseph feels his body and mind fully relax from taking CBD. In general, Joseph feels healthier and better from consuming CBD as compared to taking other medicine. Thus far, he feels like CBD has improved how he feels both mentally and physically. Also, he feels like CBD has improved his outlook on being able to be the healthiest version of himself. Not only does CBD provide Joseph with feelings of full relaxation, but it also encourages and motivates him to work towards and be the best person he can.

Moreover, regarding the negatives of taking CBD, the only one Joseph experiences has to do with the cost of Infinite CBD’s products. Not only does Joseph have various medical issues he needs to regularly treat, he also has an autistic son who needs medical assistance as well. Joseph’s son consumes the Asteroid Gummies as much as he needs, and Joseph consumes as much of the isolate droppers as he needs and as much as he can afford. Overall though, the only negative of the CBD products Joseph and his son take consists of the price.

In the past, Joseph used to take different herbs in order to relieve the pain and issues he experienced. Some of the herbs were somewhat effective, however, Joseph expressed that none of them were nowhere near as effective as CBD. Therefore, Joseph no longer has a need to consume other kinds of herbs besides CBD due to the positive benefits he and his son have experienced from it.


After battling and beating stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Joseph began experiencing lymphedema. A general description of lymphedema consists of the following: Excess fluid within the body’s lymph vessels is eventually returned to the bloodstream. Then, once the lymph vessels are blocked and/or unable to carry lymph fluid away from the tissues, localized swelling aka lymphedema occurs. Overall, lymphedema often affects a single arm or leg, but sometimes, it can affect both limbs.

For Joseph, he experiences swelling in multiple limbs, which led him to pursue alternative medicine like CBD because the swelling became too difficult to manage every day. After taking CBD, Joseph feels relief in his limbs, and the swelling is significantly reduced after CBD consumption.


In general, Joseph experiences every day anxiety, but the magnitude of it depends on the day. Oftentimes, Joseph medicates with cannabis during the evening, and sometimes he experiences anxiousness and racing thoughts. However, after consuming our Infinite CBD isolate droppers, his anxiety is alleviated, and his mind and body experiences much-needed relaxation and calmness.


When Joseph uses cannabis in the evenings, he sometimes experiences paranoia as well as anxiety. However, after using CBD, the feelings of paranoia diminish, which helps Joseph get to sleep and/or continue on with his evening without his paranoia-related thoughts consuming him.

CBD Dose

Overall, Joseph’s daily CBD regime consists of taking our isolate droppers. At one time, he takes about half a dropper full of the 1,000 milligram drops. Generally, Joseph only consumes as much of CBD as he can afford to take. Sometimes he takes more than this amount, but sometimes he takes less depending on his current financial state.

When Joseph doesn’t take CBD, he feels old. When he does take it, he feels healthier and more willing to take on the day despite the medical issues he deals with on a daily basis.

Although Joseph’s specific CBD dosage varies from time to time, his body feels much better after the consumption of the isolate droppers. Recently, on a scale of 1-10, Joseph felt like a 7 because he accidentally ate wheat, which caused his lymphatic system to stagnate. As a result, he got sick, which is a feeling nobody wants to experience. When Joseph has felt sick in the past, he would still be in bed due to the pain and his body’s weak immune system.

However, with the usage of CBD, Joseph’s lymphatic system worked well enough to allow him to go to work rather than stay home for days on end. As a result, Joseph was able to save $500 in one week alone in lost wages. Without the usage of CBD, Joseph expressed that he would likely be feeling a negative 3 instead of a 7.

It’s safe to say that CBD has made a significant impact on Joseph’s life and his son’s life as well, especially because CBD helps him go to work and support his family despite not feeling 100 percent.

Delivery Method

The main delivery method Joseph utilizes is orally via isolate droppers. Although Joseph’s son uses the Asteroid Gummies, Joseph has come to realize that for him, the isolate droppers work very quickly and effectively. Overall, Joseph believes that the best delivery method for him and his medical issues consists of the consuming the isolate droppers orally.

CBD Research


It has been found in different studies including one conducted by Ethan Russo from the National Institute of Health that CBD and other cannabinoids can provide effective pain management throughout the body. In this specific study, it explains the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis and CBD. Overall, it has been found that cannabinoid analgesics like CBD are generally well-tolerated in clinical trials, and they show great promise for the future.

Also, according to another study, it explained how CB1 stimulation reduces both pain and inflammation. Overall, it has been found that various cannabinoids, especially CBD play a significant role in targeting pain and inflammation throughout the body and then suppressing and relieving it. Thus, CBD and other cannabinoids can be extremely effective for individuals dealing with some degree of inflammation and/or pain like Joseph who suffers from lymphedema.


Moreover, when it comes to anxiety, there are different types. For example, there are anxiety disorders, stress-induced anxiety, social anxiety, and other variations. CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for various anxiety-related disorders, according to a 2015 study. So far, according to preclinical evidence, CBD acts as an effective medicine to treat generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Overall, current evidence indicates that CBD has a significant potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.


When it comes to paranoia, there’s a host of causes, which vary from person to person. It’s relatively common for individuals to experience paranoia from consuming too much THC and/or too high of a THC dosage. However, CBD has shown to counteract the negative and unwanted side effects from THC such as paranoia. Occasionally, cannabis users can develop undesirable effects including anxiety, paranoia, and cognitive impairment, according to a 2013 National Institute of Health study. However, in the same study, it was found that CBD can counteract the negative effects of THC.

Overall, the main medical issues Joseph experiences come from his battle of stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Since beating cancer and since the consumption of CBD, Joseph has felt all around healthier and a better version of himself. Despite the lymphedema and associated inflammation Joseph experiences plus occasional anxiety and paranoia, the isolate droppers have provided him with much relief. As a result, Joseph can continue on with his days and go to work despite feeling some type of pain and/or inflammation.


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