Jorge’s Story


Jorge is a 35-year-old male who experiences daily anxiety and stress. Additionally, due to his work environment, Jorge experiences muscle tension, which leads to back pain and muscle spasms in his wrists.

Prior to taking CBD, Jorge used pharmaceuticals to address his Generalized Anxiety Disorder but stopped taking them due to common side effects, such as feelings of disassociation. While Jorge attempted to deal with his anxiety without prescription medication, he has turned to CBD and found relief.

In addition to helping Jorge with his anxiety, CBD has helped Jorge with his muscle tension.

After Taking CBD

Following his use of Infinite CBD products, Jorge felt a difference almost immediately. CBD has helped Jorge to address his anxiety disorder, which he deals with on a daily basis. CBD has also helped Jorge at work, where he experiences muscle tension in his back and wrists. Of CBD, Jorge reports that it helps him to feel less stressed and more relaxed, allowing him to get through a workday without “feeling like crap.”

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

It’s estimated that 40 million Americans are suffering from an anxiety disorder, making it an incredibly mental health disorder. Those diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder experience extreme worry over seemingly general things, such as work, school, money, family, or health. Without treatment, individuals can experience overt stress, which can manifest itself into physical symptoms, such as lack of energy, lack of appetite, inability to focus, or a struggle to handle uncertain situations. Oftentimes, those suffering from GAD are prescribed pharmaceutical medications, like SSRI’s or benzodiazepines.

Jorge experienced many of the symptoms that are associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder but was dissatisfied with the medicines prescribed to him. CBD has helped to alleviate his worry, helping his mind and body to feel more relaxed.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension is a condition that can occur throughout the body, due to muscles remaining contracted for a long period of time. General stress, anxiety, overuse, former injuries, or environment are all factors that can contribute to muscle tension. Oftentimes, muscle tension is experienced along the spine and into the neck but can be located throughout the body.

Jorge takes CBD throughout the day to manage his muscle tension in his back and wrists. After taking CBD, Jorge feels more relaxed, which helps him to continue being productive at work throughout the day.


Jorge relies on CBD to address his daily anxiety and muscles spasms. When first diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, he was prescribed strong pharmaceutical prescriptions. Jorge stopped taking them due to some negative side effects, such as depersonalization.  Jorge now takes 2-4 puffs of CBD from his vape every few hours, which has helped to alleviate his anxiety, everyday stresses, and back and wrist pain.

Prior to using CBD products from Infinite CBD, Jorge tried products by another CBD company but found no relief. Jorge has found the Infinite CBD vape cartridges help most with his anxiety as well as his other ailments.

Delivery Method

Jorge addresses his conditions by using CBD vape products. He reports that he likes using CBD in vape form, as opposed to other methods of consumption. Since finding Infinite CBD, he uses the cartridge many times throughout the day.

CBD Research


CBD is shown to decrease levels of anxiety. According to research conducted by The Journal of Psychopharmacology, participants who suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder experienced a significant drop in anxiety when given CBD. In animal studies, similar results have been reported; The National Institue on Drug abuse has done extensive research on CBD, and it’s ability alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Jorge uses CBD to help him manage his anxiety daily. Rather than turning to powerful pharmaceuticals, or managing it on his own, Infinite CBD products have proved to be a working alternative for Jorge. Unlike the medical prescriptions he was taking before, Jorge has experienced no side effects while using CBD to treat his anxiety. Instead, he reports feeling less anxious and more productive throughout the day.  On a 1-10 scale, he’s at an impressive 9.5 when taking CBD.

Muscle Tension

Nothing is worse than experiencing the discomfort that is a result of muscle tension. Luckily, CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, which can help to alleviate muscle tension. Numerous studies show the ability of CBD to decrease the body’s inflammatory response. Using the CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD is able to act as an anti-inflammatory, providing relief for those experiencing muscle tension and other inflammatory conditions.

CBD has helped Jorge to manage his muscle tension throughout the day, especially at work. When taking CBD, Jorge reports that he feels more relaxed. He is able to work through the day with less pain and discomfort.


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