Jesie’s Story

About Jesie and Her Condition

Jesie, a forty-two-year old female experiences frequent pain in the form of headaches, inflammation, stress, and mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression. In the past, Jesie was prescribed certain pharmaceutical medications to help treat these health issues. Although they were effective at the time, they significantly affected her stomach, which then led to stomach issues on top of Jesie’s other existing health struggles. Like many other people, Jesie strives to experience medicinal and therapeutic relief so her pain, inflammation, and mental health problems do not consume her or her day.

Sadly, in September of last year (2017), Jesie’s twenty-two-year-old son was murdered. As a result, this took a significant toll on Jesie’s physical, mental, and emotional health just like it would most likely do for other parents. Following the death of her son, Jesie experienced sleeping difficulties and it was hard for her to find ways to effectively alleviate pain, stress, inflammation, and her mental health struggles. Due to the negative impact the prescribed pharmaceutical medications had on Jesie’s stomach, she transitioned into a different direction regarding medicine, which took her down the path of consuming Cannabidiol, but specifically, Infinite CBD’s products.

After Taking CBD

After Jesie consumes her regular CBD dose, she feels substantially better, especially because CBD has helped her get off of her original Rx medications that negatively affected her stomach. Jesie also expressed that she loves CBD and the medicinal and therapeutic relief it delivers. She does not feel addicted to CBD, and she can rest easy knowing that this form of natural medicine is non-toxic, non-addictive, safe, and of course non-psychoactive. After Jesie takes CBD, she feels pain, anxiety, inflammation, and depression-relief while also experiencing reductions in stress. These beneficial effects help Jesie navigate through her day without being consumed with various health struggles.

In addition, after Jesie consumes CBD, she does not experience negative side effects nor does she experience stomach issues like she used to with her Rx medications. Aside from CBD improving Jesie’s physical health, this cannabinoid is also able to effectively alleviate the severity of her mental health issues while also helping her manage the emotional trauma caused by the death of her son.

Each Condition

In the past, Jesie’s doctor prescribed her Rx medications to help her manage the pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation she frequently struggled with. Even though these medications were effective, they caused uncomfortable stomach issues, which made matters worse for her. Therefore, Jesie decided to go into a different direction by trying an alternative form of medicine—CBD. From here, Jesie discovered Infinite CBD and their wide variety of quality CBD-based products.

In general, CBD contains a plethora of medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits while also possessing the ability to help improve one’s quality of life and overall well-being. Unlike numerous pharmaceutical medications, fortunately, CBD is non-addictive, which is one aspect that Jesie really likes. She can rest easy knowing that she will not become addicted to CBD no matter what her dosage is and how frequently she consumes this cannabinoid. Also, since CBD is non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and safe, Jesie has gravitated towards this type of medicine over other Rx medications.

Amount of CBD

So far, Jesie has consumed CBD for one year, and she has noticed significant improvements in her physical, mental, and psychological health. Depending on Jesie’s level of pain, inflammation, stress, and/or mental health struggles, her standard amount of CBD is 2,500 milligrams per day. She consumes anywhere from 600-800 milligrams during the day, and the amount she takes is based on the severity of her symptoms and how quickly she wants to feel relief.

Delivery Method

In addition, there are several CBD delivery methods available to consumers, and Infinite CBD sells a variety of products that fit into each delivery method. Thus far, Jesie has noticed that the CBD droppers are the best delivery method for her. This is mostly due to how fast the CBD droppers deliver relief and the overall efficacy of this method. As compared to other delivery methods, sublingually consuming CBD via droppers is a fast and simple way to reap CBD’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits without having to endure pain, inflammation, and stress for too long.

Although Jesie’s original Rx medications were effective, they negatively impacted her stomach. Also, due to the significant trauma Jesie endured after she lost her twenty-two-year-old son last Autumn, she expressed her gratitude for the fact that Infinite CBD’s droppers have helped her stay calm and relaxed while also helping her sleep much better. Out of all of the medications that Jesie has tried over the years, she believes that Infinite CBD’s droppers is the best product. This is not only due to the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD, but also due to the medicine’s lack of negative side effects, non-addictiveness, non-toxicity, and non-psycho-active effects.

Furthermore, when Jesie was asked about any negatives she experienced when taking CBD, she did not have any to share. However, when asked about the positives of taking CBD, Jesie expressed that the non-addictiveness of the medicine is a strong positive in addition to the lack of side effects CBD has on her body. In general, it’s very difficult for Jesie to carry on with her day without consuming CBD. However, she stated that she’s not addicted to the cannabinoid, which is another huge benefit of CBD.

After Jesie consumes Infinite CBD’s products, she feels relaxed and sleepy and her well-being improves. These are some effects that Jesie didn’t typically experience after taking Rx medications. Then, on a scale of 1-10 regarding Jesie’s well-being and overall health, she mentioned that she felt like a 10, especially after she consumed Infinite CBD’s Nano coffee creamer with the addition of Nano enhancer for some extra medicinal and therapeutic help. At the same time, Jesie mentioned that she sips on her NANO CBD Water regularly, which has been very helpful. She has even tried Infinite CBD’s NANO CBD Energy product, and she loves it.

CBD Research

Aside from Jesie’s physical health battles, after her son was murdered last year, her mental health issues got worse, which led to sleeping difficulties and troubles with staying calm and relaxed. Fortunately, Infinite CBD’s products have had a significant improvement in Jesie’s everyday life on multiple levels, especially after consuming the CBD Droppers, NANO CBD Non Dairy Coffee Creamer, NANO CBD Enhancer, NANO CBD Water, and most recently, the NANO CBD Energy product.


In recent years, it has been discovered through different studies and clinical trials that cannabis and Cannabidiol can help reduce various levels of anxiety. In particular, CBD contains naturally effective anti-anxiety properties. Also, based on the research findings discovered by The Journal of Psychopharmacology, it was found that study participants who suffered from Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (GSAD) experienced a substantial dip in anxiety after the consumption of CBD.

Whereas, in animal subjects, similar findings were discovered after the conduction of various experiments and studies. Specifically, according to findings released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it was discovered that CBD has the ability to reduce the severity of anxiety as well as various levels of anxiety and stress. This cannabinoid has also been categorized as an extremely safe substance by the World Health Organization. More studies and clinical trials are currently taking place to discover additional links between cannabis, CBD, and anxiety alleviation. However, what has been discovered so far about CBD and anxiety is certainly valuable.


For centuries, cannabis has been used for its natural analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. As time went on, more cannabis cannabinoids were discovered including CBD, which was found to contain a plethora of medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits. Then, one 2008 study discovered that CBD can alleviate chronic pain while also relieving tension and inflammation.

After CBD’s analgesic properties were discovered and reports of these findings were made available to the public, countless people began consuming this form of medicine to help relieve various forms of pain. Currently, numerous people consume CBD to help treat pain associated with and/or caused by inflammation, autoimmune diseases or other medical conditions, headaches and/or migraines, abdominal and/or gastrointestinal issues, menstrual cramps, tension and soreness, body aches, muscle spasms, and much more.

Regardless of what causes pain and/or the severity of it, CBD’s analgesic properties could be very useful, especially when one needs to experience pain-relief before carrying on with their daily tasks and responsibilities.


In addition, over the years, several studies have been conducted on the link between cannabis, CBD, and inflammation. So far though, it has been found that CBD can impact our immune system’s inflammatory response. There are various receptor sties within our body and our cells, and it turns out that CBD can stifle/suppress the inflammatory response that is initiated at the time and location of an injury. Overall, though, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which has been studied in both animal models that have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) as well as in human cells from RA patients.


On a worldwide scale, millions of people suffer from depression each year. Some people suffer from different depression disorders, whereas, others experience depression as a result of taking certain medications or due to constant struggles in their waking life. Fortunately, though, it has been found that cannabis can help relieve depression, and CBD actually possesses anti-depressive properties. In particular, one study discovered CBD’s anti-depressant properties and its significant psychiatric potential. The study focused on animal models, and it was found that CBD showed both anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects.


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