Jerry’s Story

Jerry experiences a number of medical complications daily due to a car accident he had 10 years ago. Prior to taking CBD, the 32-year-old male said his daily life following the accident was an uphill battle. His accident ultimately prevented Jerry from pursuing a career as a nurse.

In the car accident, Jerry broke his leg and ankle, which has led to long-term complications.

After Taking CBD

Jerry finds relief when taking CBD products. With endocannabinoid receptors located throughout the nervous system, CBD helps to alleviate the pain that Jerry experiences each day from his accident. Upon taking CBD, Jerry feels less pain and less stress. Jerry reports feeling a major change in his pain and stress levels if he doesn’t take CBD for a few days.

Having struggled with opioid use during the years following his accident, CBD has given Jerry a new perspective on pain management. Jerry grew up in a family of medical professions and was one himself before the accident, so he knows how flawed the system can be. Having struggled with opioid use, Jerry finds that CBD provides natural, non-addictive, pain relief.

Complications Following Bone Breaks

While broken bones are now easy to diagnosis and physically fix, the recovery process continues to be a hurdle for many individuals. In a car accident, Jerry broke his leg and ankle. Despite how straightforward it can be to heal broken bones, Jerry continues to be recovering 10 years later.

Bone breaks are associated with numerous complications.

Those who break bones often experience long-term inflammation. Causing tears in the bones, and surrounding muscles, ligaments, and nervous system pathways, inflammation is relatively common following a bone break. Following breaks in two bones, Jerry experienced a significant amount of inflammation, followed by pain as his body began to recover.

In addition to experiencing inflammation, Jerry experienced a much more long-term complication.

Chronic Pain

It has been 10 years since Jerry was involved in a car accident, which broke his leg and ankle. Despite all of this time, Jerry continues to experience pain daily. This type of long-term pain is known as chronic pain. Chronic pain occurs when the nervous system, at the location of an injury, continues to send messages to the brain indicating that a person is in pain. Chronic pain can be an incredibly dilapidating condition. In Jerry’s case, he is unable to work due to his chronic pain, completely side-lining him from a career as a nurse.


Throughout the day, Jerry uses CBD to give him relief from his chronic pain. Jerry uses Infinite CBD’s vape cartridges a few times a day, with 1000mg lasting him a few months. Jerry has found that CBD is a great alternative to the prescribed pain medication that he was taking for years.

Delivery Method

Like many who use CBD, Jerry likes to consume it using a vape. Vapes provide users like Jerry with a more discreet consumption method. After taking CBD, Jerry reports that he “feels great” as well as a desire to help educate others about the benefits of taking CBD.

CBD Research


Many studies show the impact of CBD on inflammation. Using the endocannabinoid systems receptors in the body’s nervous system, CBD is able to influence our immune system’s inflammatory response. Using receptor sites within cells, CBD can suppress the inflammatory response initiated when and where an injury occurs.

Chronic Pain

Recently, researchers have been exploring the potential impact of CBD on those suffering from chronic pain. In fact, as CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, the body’s opioid receptors are also engaged. This is consistent with reports that those who use CBD feel pain relief similar to what they’d experience with opioids.


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