Erin’s Story


Erin is a 24-year-old female who suffers from chronic pain due to a physical attack and has allergies to pharmaceutical medication. Following a horrific physical attack in October of 2017, Erin sought relief that wouldn’t provoke her allergies to pharmaceuticals.

Even before her injuries in 2017, Erin has used CBD to find relief. She reports that she has found uplifting relief, which allows her to be a more active adult and parent. On a scale of 1 to 10, Erin reports she’s at a 7 but notes that “every day is a new day and every day I take CBD with the hopes that one day almost all of my pain will be gone.”

After Taking CBD

After taking CBD, Erin experienced relief in numerous ways. First and foremost, Erin is allergic to traditional pharmaceutical medications; these medications make her lose her appetite, drop weight, and also give her seizures. After turning to CBD, Erin found that her quality of life drastically increased.

CBD has played a pivotal role in her recovery from the attack in October 2017; without CBD, managing her chronic pain from her broken neck, upper back injuries would have been unbearable due to her inability to take pharmaceuticals.

After taking CBD, despite all she has been through, Erin is optimistic and happy; CBD has played a major role in restoring her quality of life.


According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American, pharmaceutical drug allergies affect about 10% of the world’s population. Seasonal allergies are bad, let alone allergies to drugs that are supposed to help your immune system fight against foreign bodies.

For years, doctors did not know why pharmaceuticals caused Erin’s seizures, lack of appetite, and weight loss. Then, they discovered her allergy. Erin no longer uses medications and has found that CBD and other cannabis products generally provide her with the relief she needs.

Chronic Pain

Since being the attack that left her with a broken neck and severe injuries all over her body, Erin has turned to CBD to help her manage chronic pain. With her serious injuries, Erin’s pain persisted through and long after her recovery. As an adult with work obligations and a young child, Erin sought relief so that she could continue her normal activities. She says that CBD keeps her “spirits up, removes sharp pains,” and allows her to be more active with her children.


Erin reports that “timing is everything” when taking CBD, which helps her to maintain her activity level, work schedule, and life with children. Erin takes anywhere from 3 to 6 Asteroid Gummies per day. She also takes 2 full droppers of a CBD to THC tincture, at a 20:1 ratio. Occasionally, she uses Freezing Point for muscle spasms as a result of her chronic pain.

Delivery Method

Using oral delivery methods, Erin has found relief. She uses gummies, which provide her with on-demand relief from her chronic pain. She also uses the droppers, which provide her with consistent relief throughout the day. Lastly, Erin uses topically CBD when she has muscle spasms.

CBD Research


Many studies have found that CBD is effective in treating and reducing allergies of all types. In Erin’s case, CBD does not cause an allergic response in her system which is unlike her experience with pharmaceutical medications. A study published by the University of Colorado in 2017 examined the relationship between cannabinoids and dermatologic allergies. This study found that CBD helps to reduce itching, inflammatory skin diseases, and even skin cancer. Another study published in 2009 shows CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Targeting the CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout the body’s immune system, CBD acts as an allergy-fighting anti-inflammatory.

Chronic Pain

Studies show that CBD is effective in relieving chronic pain. A study published in 2009 discusses the ability of cannabinoids to target and alleviate chronic pain conditions. More specifically, due to CBD’s endocannabinoid modulating and anti-inflammatory effects, it’s been shown to be effective in aiding those who suffer from intense pain. Additionally, a study published in 2012 shows that CBD specifically targets α3 glycine receptors and suppresses neuropathic pain.


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