David’s Story

About David & His Condition(s)

David, a forty-year-old male experiences frequent tension, pain, and stress like many of us do in this fast-paced society. Aside from these, David suffers from psoriasis—a very painful autoimmune skin condition that can significantly affect one’s well-being and quality of life. In the past, David was prescribed a skin steroid ointment called betamethasone as a psoriasis treatment method. However, this drug made matters worse for David due to its lack of efficacy and unwanted side effects.

Additionally, David currently experiences concentration and focusing difficulties as well as anxiety, which prompted his doctor to prescribe him Adderall. Although Adderall can be effective and useful in some cases, there’s no guarantee that it will be effective and beneficial for everyone. Unfortunately for David, after consuming Adderall, he experienced several unpleasant side effects, which prompted him to research Cannabidiol (CBD) further. At the same time, the mental health issues David struggles with led him on the path to discovering and eventually consuming only Infinite CBD’s products to reap vast improvements in many parts of his life.

After Taking CBD

After David consumes various CBD-based products, he feels significant relief and his mental and physical state of being positively changes. Specifically, David has expressed that his regular tension and pain is alleviated after consuming Infinite CBD’s products. It doesn’t stop here though. Cannabidiol has also given David the ability to be in better control of his life without his anxiety taking over. Overall, many people feel less anxious after they consume CBD due to the cannabinoid’s anti-anxiety properties, and this is certainly the case with David.

Furthermore, David has expressed that he feels less stressed after using CBD, which is something that most of us strive for. Although stress and anxiety can consume many of us, it is essential to combat it the best we can, and fortunately, CBD can significantly help in this regard. In addition to the many benefits CBD provides users with, David has expressed that after the consumption of Infinite CBD’s products, he worries less about things he cannot control nor change. As a result, it is easier to accept situations and obstacles as they are without getting stressed and anxious about them. David realizes this, and with the help of CBD, he can combat his anxieties and focusing issues head-on, but in a natural way.

Although David normally experiences concentration and focusing difficulties, Infinite CBD’s products have helped him effectively focus on the task at hand without losing focus throughout the process. This is something that David didn’t typically feel after taking Adderall, which shows how beneficial CBD can be as a natural form of medicine.

Regarding psoriasis though, after using CBD as a psoriasis treatment method, David has noticed a positive change in the condition of his skin, and since his skin has improved so much, he has no need to take any skin steroid medications anymore. Out of all these positive changes, David has also noticed a positive improvement regarding his mental health and general state of being.

Each Condition

Before David started consuming Infinite CBD’s products, one main form of medicine he used was betamethasone—a skin steroid ointment used to treat psoriasis. Aside from psoriasis, since David experiences anxiety as well as focusing and concentration difficulties, he was prescribed Adderall, which was his go-to medicine for these issues for quite some time. However, due to the wide variety of side effects Adderall and betamethasone delivered, David knew it was time to transition into a more natural form of medicine that could improve his well-being and mental health without making him feel worse.

On the plus side, since CBD does not deliver any negative side effects nor deteriorate one’s well-being and quality of life, the body, mind, and soul are properly taken care of. In many cases, when pharmaceutical medications are consumed on a regular basis, certain organs are significantly affected including the liver. In David’s situation, after consuming Adderall and betamethasone for so long, not only did he experience numerous negative side effects, but his liver also suffered. Fortunately though, with CBD, not only is it safe to consume, but it also helps the body’s organs including the liver balance out and get back to a healthy state.

Amount of CBD

Regarding David’s regular CBD regime, it varies because he mostly uses Infinite CBD’s topical products. Also, since David has only consumed CBD for two months, he is still working on establishing a consistent amount that can be easily measured. Most of the time, David uses Infinite CBD’s Nano Freezing Point cream as well as the Freezing Point salve. David likes using both of these products, so he can rub them on the body parts that need relief the most. Overall, David uses as much of the cream and salve as needed, and it is difficult for him to measure the exact amount he uses and put it into a standard ‘dose’.

However, besides topical products, David uses Infinite CBD’s isolate droppers at the measured amount of 5000 milligrams.

Delivery Method

In addition, the main CBD delivery method that David utilizes is topical application via Infinite CBD’s topical products, especially the Nano Freezing Point Cream and the Freezing Point salve. This particular method benefits David because he can pick and choose which specific location he wishes to rub the CBD product onto to experience relief. However, sometimes, David orally consumes the isolate CBD droppers to experience mental clarity and improvements in his overall well-being. Most of the time, David puts the isolate CBD droppers in his coffee in the morning to give him a medicinal yet therapeutic boost to start his day.

Then, the other delivery method that David has tried in the past is orally via the consumption of Infinite CBD’s Asteroid Gummies. He has also expressed that he likes the Infinite CBD water product, and he is willing to try other consumption methods. Overall, though, David utilizes different delivery methods based on his specific reasons for using CBD and which symptoms he wants to improve.

Moreover, with most medicines, there are positives and negatives that consumers should be aware of. When it comes to CBD though, there are very few side effects and negatives to watch out for. According to David and his experience with Infinite CBD’s products, he has not experienced any negatives thus far. The only negative he mentioned is that the 500 milligram CBD salve stick runs out rather quickly, and he wishes it would last longer.

Overall, on a scale of 1-10 regarding David’s overall health and well-being, he has expressed that he feels like a ten mentally, but an eight physically. This is the case because recently, David rolled his ankle, and he has been recovering from the muscle damage done to his ankle, which has caused him pain and discomfort. Despite temporarily limping around, David feels significantly better all around after consuming CBD as his main form of medicine rather than taking harmful and ineffective pharmaceutical medications like he used to.

CBD Research

Based on the frequent pain, tension, anxiety, and other health struggles David has experienced over time, he decided to research CBD further and experiment with this form of natural medicine. After discovering the multitude of CBD’s therapeutic and medicinal properties, David chose to give CBD a shot by using Infinite CBD’s products. He started off with mostly topical products and then transitioned into consuming CBD orally. After trying both of these CBD consumption methods, David was able to experience effective relief, relaxation, and clarity while also experiencing positive changes in his mental health.

Each condition


Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. When someone has psoriasis, they normally experience pain, inflammation, and dry yet flaky skin. However, since CBD contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, this cannabinoid can alleviate the pain and inflammation psoriasis sufferers regularly endure.

Additionally, from one 2007 study, it was found that CBD and several other cannabinoids can slow down the growth of skin cells located on the skin’s outer layer. These findings suggest that cannabinoids including CBD could help treat psoriasis. Another study discovered that the production and accumulation of immature skin cells can be regulated by cannabinoids and their receptors. It has also been reported that cannabinoids hinder the production of skin cells (keratinocytes).

Lastly, a 2016 review confirmed the concept of cannabinoids being used as a psoriasis treatment method. There was also a 2017 review that indicated the impact cannabinoids could have regarding itchiness alleviation, which would serve a significant purpose for psoriasis sufferers.


Thus far, it has been found that cannabis and CBD can lessen levels of anxiety. Specifically, CBD contains effective anti-anxiety properties. Then, based on the research findings discovered by The Journal of Psychopharmacology, it was discovered that study participants who suffered from Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder experienced a significant dip in anxiety after the consumption of CBD.

Whereas, regarding animals, similar findings via different experiments and studies have been discovered. Additionally, The National Institute on Drug Abuse has released valuable information about CBD and its potential to alleviate different types of anxiety and stress while also being an extremely safe substance. More studies and clinical trials are still being conducted on the topic of cannabis and anxiety. However, the research findings that have been released thus far are noteworthy.


Overall, cannabis and CBD contain analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, which has been discovered from the conduction of different studies and clinical trials over the years. In particular, one 2008 study found that CBD can reduce chronic pain while also relieving tension and inflammation. Since CBD contains analgesic properties, this cannabinoid can help relieve pain in the form of migraines and headaches, tension, soreness, body aches, muscle spasms, cramps, and more.

In general, though, despite the type of pain someone experiences, cannabis and CBD’s analgesic properties can be of much use by lessening the severity of pain one experiences regardless of what caused it in the first place.


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