Bryce’s Story

About Bryce and Her Condition

Bryce, a thirty-six-year-old female experiences consistent pain and anxiety, which can consume her if she does not treat these symptoms head-on. Like many other people, Bryce sometimes struggles to maintain a positive well-being and optimistic state of mind when she is feeling anxious or stressed. Also, when she is in pain, it can be difficult for her to navigate through her day as compared to when she is pain and anxiety-free. In the past, Bryce consumed different pharmaceutical medications to help treat her anxiety and pain. However, these medications were not always effective, and oftentimes, they delivered adverse side effects thus making Bryce’s symptoms worse.

Overall, Bryce expressed that the medications she used to take would make her feel worse because of its slew of bad side effects. Even though Bryce mentioned that she used to take medications to treat her anxiety and pain, she chose not to go into too many details about them as well as the medical reasons for her taking these medications in the first place.

Fortunately, Bryce was very willing to share her story and positive experience with Infinite CBD’s products. However, she also wants to keep some medical details to herself because she is a private person. Nonetheless, there is still valuable information in this post that Bryce was willing to share, so we can understand the benefits that Infinite CBD’s products have provided her with.

After Taking CBD

After Bryce consumes CBD, she experiences a much better and healthier sense of well-being. She feels her pain and anxiety lessen, and she is able to experience a more positive and uplifting state of mind. Even though Bryce normally experiences anxiety, due to Cannabidiol’s natural anti-anxiety properties, after consuming CBD, Bryce feels anxiety-free, which allows her to complete various daily tasks and responsibilities without feeling bogged down and overwhelmed.

In addition, after Bryce consumes Infinite CBD’s products, she feels no adverse side effects unlike the other medications she used to take to help treat her pain and anxiety. Not only can CBD help improve Bryce’s physical symptoms, it can also help improve her mental health and overall well-being in a natural way. Fortunately, after consuming CBD, Bryce experiences the medicinal and therapeutic relief she needs without enduring negative side effects that often occurred after consuming the traditional pharmaceutical medications she was prescribed in the past.

Each Condition

Before Bryce began consuming Infinite CBD’s products, she consumed a few pharmaceutical medications to help treat the consistent pain and anxiety she experienced. In order to honor Bryce’s wishes about keeping certain medical matters private, the specific medications she took and the medical reasons for taking these medications will not be shared. However, Bryce was willing to share her experience with those medications and compare it to the positive experience she has had with Infinite CBD’s products thus far.

Due to the wide variety of adverse side effects Bryce experienced from the traditional medications she used to take, she decided to go into a different direction and try a natural form of medicine—CBD. Bryce wanted to feel better, experience much-needed relief, and experience an improvement in her well-being, which led her down the path of trying Infinite CBD’s products.

Overall, CBD can provide users with numerous medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits while also positively improving the way our body and mind operate. In several cases, when pharmaceutical medications are consumed on a regular basis for multiple years, it can take a toll on one’s life in more ways than just physically. However, CBD has the opposite effect because rather than taking a toll on one’s life, it can help improve one’s life and deliver much-needed physical, emotional, and even psychological relief.

Not only is CBD non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and non-addictive, it also has an extremely strong safety profile, which has captured the attention of many people including Bryce. As a result, Bryce chose to give CBD a try, and specifically, she chose to try out a few Infinite CBD products to see what kind of relief (if any) could be achieved.

Amount of CBD

By now, Bryce has consumed CBD for two years, and she has a regular CBD dosage that she sticks with to experience the relief she is looking for. In particular, Bryce’s standard CBD amount  is anywhere from ten milligrams to twenty-five milligrams per day. The amount of CBD she consumes depends on the severity of her symptoms that day and how quickly she wants her anxiety and pain to dissipate. In most instances though, Bryce consumes CBD sublingually or she dabs.

Both of these consumption methods have helped Bryce achieve the relief she strives for, especially because both methods can provide nearly immediate relief. Therefore, to experience fast-acting anxiety and pain-relief, Bryce utilizes these two methods in amounts that are less than twenty-five milligrams of CBD per day.

Delivery Method

Additionally, out of all CBD delivery methods that are available, Bryce normally consumes CBD sublingually or she dabs. Both these methods allow her to experience effects right away, so she does not have to endure pain and anxiety for a longer period of time if she were to consume CBD orally. After consuming CBD sublingually or via dabbing, Bryce experiences significant pain and anxiety alleviation, which is something her other medications did not do as well, especially because of the adverse side effects they delivered.

Whereas, CBD does not deliver many adverse side effects, and Bryce has expressed that she believes there are no negatives when it comes to taking CBD. In general, the positives far outweigh the negatives, and this can be hard to come by regarding pain and anxiety medicines.

Then, when Bryce was asked about the positives of taking CBD, she expressed that this form of medicine is much more effective and better in general as compared to the medications she used to take. Due to the significant success Bryce has had with Infinite CBD’s products thus far, she recommends the products to her co-workers and colleagues at her workplace at least three or four times every day. Since Infinite CBD’s products have helped Bryce so much, she wants to help others experience the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD without the presence of negative side effects.

Based on the symptoms Bryce wants to reduce, she picks the delivery method that will be the most beneficial for that specific instance. Without CBD, Bryce feels anxious, but after she consumes CBD, her anxiety goes away, and her well-being positively improves, which is one main reason why she recommends Infinite CBD’s products to people she knows at work.

On a scale of 1-10 regarding Bryce’s well-being and general health, she did not provide an exact number, but she expressed that she feels significantly better overall. She also mentioned that the medications she used to take would deliver various bad side effects thus making her feel consistently worse.

Whereas, CBD delivers beneficial effects that are the opposite of Bryce’s other medications. With this being said, she feels much better than she used to, especially physically and mentally. Moving forward, Bryce plans on consuming Infinite CBD’s products to experience both medicinal and therapeutic relief without the presence of negative side effects.

CBD Research

Due to the consistent pain and anxiety Bryce struggles with on a regular basis and because of the inefficacy of the initial medications she used to consume, she decided to switch paths regarding medicines, which led her to discovering CBD and then Infinite CBD. Then, after she started experiencing multiple medicinal and therapeutic benefits from CBD, she chose to stick with this natural form of medicine. Fortunately, both of the Infinite CBD consumption methods Bryce utilizes delivers overall relief, relaxation, and improvements in her well-being and mental health.

Each condition


Thus far, it has been found that cannabis and CBD can alleviate different levels of anxiety. Specifically, CBD contains naturally effective anti-anxiety properties. Then, based on the research findings discovered by The Journal of Psychopharmacology, it was discovered that study participants who suffered from Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (GSAD) experienced a significant dip in anxiety after the consumption of CBD.

Then, regarding animals, similar findings via different experiments and studies have been found. Additionally, The National Institute on Drug Abuse released valuable information about CBD and its potential to lessen different types of anxiety as well as stress while also being an extremely safe substance. More studies and clinical trials are still being conducted on the topic of cannabis and anxiety. However, the research findings that have been released so far are noteworthy to say the least.


Overall, cannabis and CBD contain natural analgesic (pain-relieving) properties, which was discovered from the completion of different studies and clinical trials over the years. In particular, one 2008 study discovered that CBD can alleviate chronic pain while also relieving tension and inflammation. Since CBD contains analgesic properties, this cannabinoid can help lessen pain in the form of migraines and headaches, tension, soreness, body aches, stomach and digestive issues related to Crohn’s Disease, muscle spasms related to Multiple Sclerosis, menstrual and abdominal cramps, and much more.

In general, though, despite the type of pain someone experiences, cannabis and CBD’s analgesic properties can be of much use by reducing the severity of pain regardless of what caused it in the first place.


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