1. I have seizures from a prominent crista magma which after in the start of my life gave me chronic migraines and after being dropped from a car going about 60 it turned to chronic seizures on Western Medicine around 20+ a day that I can recall having, nerve damage from being shot and stabbed in the right arm, shrapnel in multiple parts of my body, knees that pop in and out of place from a birth defect(four month preme) and bad hip from being dropped from the car in which I need a cane for the rest of my life. After finding cbd based products and using them for four years I was able to replace all my western medicine and now five years later trying to make streaming a profession working an avg of 175hrs a month streaming and everything off stream around 80-100 hrs a month. Truly grateful to have companies like this with clean product and quality product.

    1. So glad you are able to finally find the relief you are looking for! We appreciate you.


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