23 Sep 2016
Grower looks at industrial hemp plant.

CBD Helps Man Speak Again

CBD continues to help patients around the nation every day. Michael Hayes from the Silicon Valley of California, shares his story in an article from the local newspaper, Metro Active. Hayes was never an avid user of cannabis but throughout life he had his fair share of encounters. It wasn’t until Hayes lost his ability to speak that he had a the cannabis plant and CBD.

In 2008, Hayes started having breathing issues and wasn’t able to speak full sentences.
“It was like in the movies where someone was being strangled,” Hayes describes the experience. Luckily for him, his diagnostic was early.

Adductor spasmodic dysphonia, a condition that had no known cure.

This is a common form of laryngeal dystonia which creates muscle spasms in the vocal folds. The spasms will choke off your voice creating interrupted speech. The diagnosis gave Hayes two negative options; get botox injections in his vocal cords or have surgery to cut the vocal cords then reattached them.

A year passed and Hayes had completely lost his voice. This affected his home and work life. No communication with those around him became hard for Hayes and eventually lost those he associated with. He hit a dark time but never gave up. He continued to research about his condition but no information would help get his voice back.

One day an unexpected event occurred. A friend of Hayes’ convince him to smoke marijuana. After a few hits he didn’t feel some of the side effects he had when he was younger. Something even better happened, Hayes was able to speak again.

This didn’t have a long term effect on him though. Later he took a few more hits with no change in his voice. This made Hayes puzzled.
“Why did pot make my voice normal once but not other times?” Hayes wondered.

Hayes then heard a segment on a local radio station, The Drive, talking about CBD and how it differs from THC. Immediately he knew that CBD could be key. He began to research and became a volunteer of Project CBD. Still looking for more knowledge, Hayes worked with researchers around the world to learn about cannabinoids and terpenoids.

Eventually, Hayes was able to find the right CBD product for him and his condition. He got his life and voice back. Although his voice is not completely normal, he can still function and go about his daily life.



  1. I’ve got radiation damage to my vocal cords and the Drs want to do a total laryngectomy. I began using CBD about a month ago. Can I ask what type or mg ended up helping you. I find it has already helped me to swallow better. As for talking, if that ends up happening that’s a bonus.

    1. Hi Robin, Thank you for your comment on our article. Everyone’s experience with CBD is different so we recommend using what works best for you! Be sure to check out our great products that contain 99% pure CBD Isolate and less than 0.1% THC. We also recommend starting at a lower dose and working your way up to where you find perfect relief. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to you trying some of our products!

  2. Please help me. I am trying to find contact details for Michael Hayes regarding the article on cbd
    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Luisa,

      Thank you for your inquiry. This is a third party article so we do not have the contact information for Michael Hayes. Due to privacy laws, we cannot disclose any customers contact information. We appreciate your interest in our Blog!

  3. What was the right CBD for him to help with his voice ? I’ve had muscle tension dysphonia for five years now. I’ve been wanting to try CBD and see if it helps. Thank you

    1. Has CBD use helped your voice?

  4. I have had SD for 25 years. I just began using CBD oil about a week ago. I am currently using about a 25 mg dose. My question is, how long will it take to see/hear results in my voice?

  5. Hi I’ve had spasmodic dyphonia for 19 years do you think hemp CBD oil will help me. How much should I have and how often and wats the best way to take it

    1. Each person is different but there could be potential! For beginners, we recommend the Dropper. It is easy to use and find how much CBD is right for you.


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