08 Jun 2019
CBD with or without THC

Should You Use CBD With or Without THC?

There are many types of CBD available for purchase. When considering which CBD products are best for you, one question comes up most often; should you use CBD with or without THC? Here, you’ll learn more about the differences in CBD products and learn which is best for you.

CBD with or without THC?

CBD isn’t just CBD anymore. Not only are there thousands of CBD brands to choose from, but there’s a distinction between CBD with and CBD without THC.

CBD without THC (<0.03%) is known as CBD isolate. CBD with THC is known as full-spectrum. These two products might have some of the same benefits, but consumers will notice dramatically different effects. Understanding these differences can help make an informed decision about which products best suit specific wants, needs, and tastes.

CBD Isolate

There are hundreds of cannabinoids within the marijuana plant. CBD isolate means that the Cannabidiol has been isolated, or independently extracted.

The isolation of CBD from the hemp plant allows companies to better cater the CBD experience for their communities. CBD isolate doesn’t have the earthy taste or plant remnants common in full-spectrum products. For added benefits, terpenes can be added to CBD isolate for additional benefits and increased bioavailability.

CBD isolate is often lab-tested, letting consumers see exactly how potent their CBD is. This is unique because many fraudulent CBD products have appeared on the market as popularity and demand increases.

For those who want the benefits of CBD and have to take a drug test or need to be completely sober, there’s no fear. Isolates are 100% pure, have no psychoactive effects, and will not appear on a drug screening of any kind.


CBD with THC is known as full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD plus THC and other cannabinoids to enhance the overall experience.

Many consumers believe that to achieve the entourage effect, they must choose full-spectrum CBD; this is untrue. Full spectrum CBD has an earthy taste, which many CBD companies try to cover-up with flavorings. Additionally, full-spectrum CBD companies cannot guarantee a clean drug screen to their consumers, which can be problematic for many due to work obligations.

What CBD Should the Consumer Use?

Every human is unique in their own way. With physical differences come the needs for different remedies to issues. When it comes to choosing the right CBD, consider individual needs and preferences.

The best part about CBD isolate is its versatility. Isolated CBD is easily integrated into a variety of products. This means that you can get relief through many delivery methods. Full-spectrum CBD is far less malleable; companies must cover up the taste and smell of these products with a lot of flavors and scents. In addition, the color can make it hard to integrate into topical products.

CBD has so many benefits. If you’re looking to take full advantage of all that CBD has to offer, CBD isolate products are the way to go. This option means that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of topical, sublingual, and digestive CBD.

CBD Isolate for The Win

While consumers can enjoy the benefits of CBD in either CBD products with our without THC, we recommend CBD isolate to those seeking a more individualistic experience.

CBD isolate products provide users with many more options than others. When you can have it all, why choose a CBD product that has limitations?

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  1. Thank you for the article. I am going to try your CBD isolate capsules. Is there any study which has tested whether use of THC (such as vaporizing cannabis oil containing psychoactive levels of THC) in combination with taking CBD isolate capsules or tincture can achieve the same or similar entourage effect as full spectrum CBD? Do you have an opinion on this issue? If so, is it better to take the CBD isolate simultaneously with vaping the THC, or does it not matter? Any literature you could link on this topic would be helpful. Thanks,

    1. Hi JMC11, Thank you for your interest in our articles. Unfortunately we have not done that study, so we cannot comment on that specific topic. We do know that our products contain 99% pure CBD Isolate and less than 0.1% THC. Because of this, all ages, individuals who undergo drug-screenings, and even pets are able to consume our products. Also, you will not feel a psychoactive effect and you will receive all the benefits from CBD because how pure our isolate is. Feel free to give us a call at (303) 562-1645 or email us at info@infinitecbd.com with any further questions you have. We appreciate your interest in our products and company!


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