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Suppositories offer a high bioavailability rate. Rocket Ships are made with natural coconut oil for maximum health benefits. Use a suppository for hemorrhoids, constipation, vaginal or rectal infections, and more.  


4 reviews for ROCKET SHIPS

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Talk about good timing. Our first box of the 100mg suppositories just arrived today (Christmas Eve). We went out for dinner to celebrate and my wife drank a large glass of red wine and it triggered one of her migraine headaches. By the time we got home she was in full migraine headache mode. Typically we have found through experimentation and discussions with our doctor, that it is okay to give her an adult acetaminophen 650mg suppository (Amazon) along with a 600mg Aspirin supp as the two pain killers act differently on the body. The acetaminophen is thought to raise the brain’s pain threshold, whereas Aspirin is an NSAID. These two common household pain killers take on a new life when given rectally. With results being felt within 15 minutes. The doctor gave her prescription migraine pills, that she usually can’t keep down. I read about CBD in suppository form being effective for migraines, so I started giving her Endoca 50mg CBD supps along with the other two meds. We only use the aspirin when it’s a bad migraine, as it tends to burn more internally. Aspirin is rather caustic for repeated rectal use. CBD and acetaminophen only produce an internal warming sensation.

    So I gave her a 100mg Rocket Supp tonight. Unfortunately the first one melted so quickly that it turned into liquid outside her rectum. So I tried a second one and barely got it passed her inner sphincter muscle ring, as it quickly turned to liquid coconut oil as well. These were fresh out of the refrigerator and should have been solidified. I suspect you or your supplier needs to add some bees wax, or palm oil or switch to 92 degree hydrogenated coconut oil, as your product was melting at room temperature, which makes me suspect ordinary coconut oil which melts at 72-75 degrees was used instead of the hydrogenated type of coconut oil. These suppositories also looked like 1ML baby suppositories, instead of the normal 2ML size given to adults. If your product truly has 100mg as advertized it is a better bargain for ten 100mg suppositories, versus the same price or higher for Endoca 50mg suppositories. The Endoca supps are brown and smell like Hemp, but they melt at body temperature not room temperature. If you can fix the melting point on your suppositories and they work, then you have a new customer. Otherwise I will be ordering from Endoca next time. I deducted one star due to the low melting point of your product.

    My wife is resting peacefully, we will see if your medicine gets her through the night. Usually with the Endoca I have give her a second supp around 4:00a, then she wakes up at 8:00a little groggy, but usually the headache is on the way out. Will update when we see how well these work.

    • John M Ramsay

      We use a pure CBD isolate which is a powder white when mixed with our ingredients. This is why they are not brown like other companies. Thank you for the feedback on the melting point of our coconut oil, we will look into this and advise our product as we see fit.

      If you are not doing so already, store the Rocketships in the Freezer for best results.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Shelley Honey Hawkins

    I suffer from major parathesia from a spinal cord injury. The parathesia keeps my groin, buttocks and thighs on fire 24/7. My doctor has me on 3600 mg of gabapentin and 50mg of Tramadol 2/4 times a day. Because the new drug laws the doctor is not wanting to prescribe me tramadol anymore and I am and have been living on it spareingly in perfect pain. I was told about these products and decided to try them. I used the bullet ( it was pure cream) so I wiped the cream that came out topically over the area that hurts to the point I want to rip it out. It worked actually dulling the pain on the surface of my skin. I put them in the freezer so
    Hopefully tonight I can use them properly. My question is how much cbd can you take that it does not interfere with drug tests? I have read many different reviews.

    • John M Ramsay

      Our CBD tests at 0% THC and many customers have reported to have passed a drug test while using Infinite CBD.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zack Morris

    I’m not putting this up my ass.

    • John M Ramsay

      Ha. That is why we offer a variety of delivery methods! Some of our customers rely on these!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tai Phan

    Dawg this’ll get ya booty hole all up in the crazy shit yo! I put 3 of these in my girl and she was like AWWWWWWW shoot that was goood. Would recommend 10/10.

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