20 Apr 2019
CBD research studies.

Recent CBD Research Studies—Overviews and Noteworthy Findings

What’s New in CBD? CBD Research Studies

What is the last CBD research study you came across? What were the findings? As days, weeks, and months go by, so does the execution of various CBD research studies and clinical trials. CBD can be legally purchased and consumed in many locations around the world. However, there is still much to learn about this beneficial cannabinoid. This is one reason why CBD research studies continue to be conducted in different countries. Thus far, what CBD research studies are in the works? What are they focusing on, and what are their intentions?

CBD Research Study About Treating Post-Concussion Problems

One CBD research study that is currently underway is taking place in Canada. Researchers want to understand the role cannabis and CBD play in treating the following health issues: post-concussion syndrome and related symptoms, PTSD, depression, and progressive dementia experienced by former NHL players. Around one hundred former NHL players are participating in this one-year long double-blind study.

Overall, concussions can wreak significant havoc on one’s mental, physical, psychological, and emotional state of being. The brain is an extremely complex part of who we are. When it is negatively impacted via concussions and other related head injuries, it can result in unwanted changes. These changes can present themselves as painful symptoms or a decline in one’s quality of life and well-being.

Andrew Alberts, one of the study’s participants has been outspoken about cannabinoids by stating the following: “…if the NHLAA-partnered research shows cannabinoids can help players with recovery and concussions and all the neurological effects, and it can help reverse those or create new neurological pathways.” Stay tuned to find out the discoveries pulled from this study.

CBD Research Study About Treating Substance Use Disorders

In addition, in early February of this year, another CBD research study was conducted. The study focused on learning more about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and CBD for treating substance use disorders. It turns out that CBD shows promise in reducing the severity of various negative withdrawal symptoms from substance use disorders in animal subjects.

Also, it was reported that CBD may be more suitable when used as an adjunct treatment method. When CBD is combined with other natural remedies, it is possible that the cannabinoid will be more effective. More research must be executed as confirmation though.

Thus far, Cannabidiol’s variety of therapeutic and medicinal benefits have been demonstrated. However, when treating substance use disorders, CBD may be more effective when used with other forms of therapy.

CBD and Substance Use Disorder Research Findings

Nonetheless, the study did release some interesting findings. For example, CBD demonstrated its anti-anxiety and stress-relieving abilities. The study also found that CBD can reduce depressive symptoms. These symptoms may be related to and/or caused by substance use disorders.

Then, the following statement touches on some of the study’s findings:

“Indeed, CBD has been found to have therapeutic potential in alleviating affective and cognitive processing disturbances that may be induced by chronic substance use proving potential utility in moderating the deleterious course of impairment, particularly in adolescent initiates of substance use.”

Despite these findings, there is still a lot to learn about CBD and its role in treating substance use disorders and their symptoms. However, what has been discovered thus far shows promise for CBD acting as a substance use disorder treatment method.

What do you think the next CBD discovery will consist of? What medicinal or therapeutic property will be revealed next? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!




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