19 Apr 2018
Public figures use CBD and cannabis for everyday life.

Well-known Celebrities and Public Figures Use CBD and Cannabis

If you currently use cannabidiol, why do you use it? On the other hand, if you don’t use CBD, why is that so? Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it can be consumed nearly anywhere without feeling a cerebral high. Many public figures use CBD and cannabis for everyday life. There are many demographics of people who consume CBD including young children, adolescents, adults, and even elderly people. Due to CBD’s variety of properties and benefits, it can provide a helping hand to those who really need it. Whether you do or do not use CBD, know that you are not alone. Numerous celebrities and well-known public figures use cannabis and CBD for different medical reasons.

Hollywood Celebrities & Public Figures Who Openly Use CBD

Not only is CBD consumed by Americans and residents of other countries, but it’s also consumed by different celebrities and public figures. Multiple celebrities are recognized for their film acting, music, talk shows, or athletic background. Examples of these celebrities and public figures include Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Tommy Chong, Melissa Etheridge, Montel Williams, Shannon Briggs, and Nate Diaz. Although there are other public figures who use CBD and other cannabis products, they are less open about it. The mentioned celebrities and public figures use CBD and cannabis for different medical and therapeutic reasons.

Actors—Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, & Tommy Chong

Morgan Freeman is a long-time Hollywood actor, narrator, and cannabis advocate. However, Freeman didn’t start openly advocating for cannabis and CBD until after he endured a nearly-fatal car accident. After Freeman recovered from his car accident in 2008, he developed fibromyalgia. Due to the intense pain and discomfort Freeman experienced, he turned down a natural path. Specifically, Morgan shifted his attention towards consuming medical cannabis and CBD as natural pain-relievers. Although Morgan regularly uses CBD, he also uses THC to help treat his fibromyalgia symptoms.

In addition, Whoopi Goldberg is not only a Hollywood actress, but she’s also a performer, talk show host, and cannabis and CBD advocate. Besides being an outspoken cannabis advocate, Goldberg supports the cannabis plant as a health supplement, especially CBD. One of Whoopi’s goals is to show the world how effective medical cannabis and CBD are for middle-aged women who struggle with various health problems. Examples of these health problems include menstrual cramps, nerve pain, and menopausal discomfort.

In general, though, Whoopi has spoken highly of cannabis and its counterparts for treating multiple health issues. Whoopi herself has used a vape pen for years to help treat stress, pain, glaucoma, and menstrual cramps. Additionally, Whoopi has admitted to consuming CBD when she cannot consume THC. Overall, the Hollywood actress has advocated for people consuming CBD at work since the compound is non-psychoactive.

Tommy Chong’s Success with CBD

Next, Tommy Chong is not only a popular stoner and cannabis enthusiast, but he’s also a cannabis entrepreneur and advocate. Besides involving himself into the cannabis market, Chong has also involved himself into the CBD market. Although Chong still consumes cannabis, in recent years, he shifted his attention towards CBD. Due to the significant potential of CBD and its safety, Chong started regularly consuming the compound when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With time, Chong beat his cancer, which he attributes to the usage of CBD oil. Overall, Chong credits the benefits of CBD oil to his cancer remission.

Activists & Musician: Melissa Etheridge & Montel Williams

Moreover, a popular musician and activist who uses cannabis and CBD is Melissa Etheridge. Initially, Etheridge began consuming CBD oil after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2004. In the past, Etheridge has been open about her CBD and cannabis usage. She also supports cannabis and CBD usage as ways to alleviate cancer symptoms. Although Melissa’s cancer went into remission, she continues to use CBD oil and cannabis in various forms. She mostly uses cannabis compounds to help treat her gastrointestinal issues that occurred post cancer remission.

Montel Williams’s Success with CBD

In addition, Montel Williams is not only a popular talk show host, actor, and retired Navy officer, but he’s also a long-time advocate for cannabis and CBD legalization. According to Business Insider, Montel has consumed cannabis-based products almost everyday for the last seventeen years. However, he hasn’t smoked cannabis in over a decade due to his dexterity problems. Instead, Montel’s preferred method of consumption is vaping concentrated forms of cannabis and/or CBD. Montel has advocated for cannabis and its other compounds for years, but it wasn’t until his multiple sclerosis diagnosis that really shook him.

In 1999, Montel was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which affects his body from head to toe. Overall, MS is a painful disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack the insulation around one’s nerves.

For years, Montel felt depressed after his MS diagnosis. The depression became so severe that he tried jumping in front of a NYC taxi one day. However, not long after that did Montel begin consuming cannabis, kief, and CBD to manage his pain and mood. Currently, Montel believes that cannabis and CBD help him function in his daily life. To this day, Montel gives as many educational talks on cannabis as he can. Montel’s goal is to raise awareness of the multi-beneficial cannabis plant and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.

Athletes: Shannon Briggs’s & Nate Diaz

Aside from the acting, music, and talk show world, cannabis and CBD usage is common in the athletic industry. Overall, many public figures use CBD for different reasons including athletes. Due to the variety of injuries, medical problems, and chronic pain that many athletes endure, cannabis and CBD are widely used. For years, pharmaceutical medications and painkillers have been prescribed, which come with their own slew of side effects. To avoid the addictiveness of opioids and other painkillers, many athletes like Shannon Briggs and Nate Diaz consume cannabis and CBD.

Shannon Briggs is a long-time boxer and world champion who shifted into regularly using CBD. Briggs started using CBD to help his body recover after decades of constant wear and tear from boxing and training. Currently, he uses CBD and cannabis to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. Another professional athlete who consumes CBD is Nate Diaz, a UFC fighter. In a previous UFC post-fight interview, Diaz was openly vaping CBD. When Diaz was asked about his CBD usage, he expressed that he uses CBD for pain-relief, to heal his injuries, and to improve his concentration.

In general, many celebrities and public figures use CBD and cannabis for their own reasons. Some public figures use CBD and cannabis for medical purposes. Whereas, others use components of the plant for therapeutic reasons. Overall, though, each of these celebrities and public figures began and continue to use medical cannabis and CBD because of the positive impact it has had on their life. Find out how CBD can help improve your life by trying out Infinite CBD’s effective products.

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