NANO Water

Expect more from you water.


Naturally filtered by the artesian springs in Colorado, NANO CBD Water delivers delicious spring water infused with nanotechnology CBD. Quench your thirst with some of the best-tasting water in North America while receiving the highly sought after benefits of CBD, but more effective.
NANO Water utilizes nanotechnology which dispurts the CBD molecule into tiny molecules called nanoparticles. Due to their microscopic size, our NANO CBD Water penetrates into the blood-brain barrier faster and more effectively to provide maximum effects.

Key Ingredients:
NANO CBD: Tiny CBD particles ranging from .01 to 100 nanometers
Water: Beginning as rain and snow, NANO CBD utilizes spring water sourced naturally from artesian springs located in our home state of CO.

Uses: Getting the benefits of CBD is as easy as drinking your daily amount of water. Don’t drink water? NANO Water is a reason to.

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