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  • Absolute Zero


About Terpenes

Absolute Zero and a vape cartridge are the two products that we carry with cannabis-derived terpenes. The addition of this allows the consumer to experience more intense effects. When they combine with cannabinoids or just multiple cannabinoids work together the effects will be more predominant. Since we use strain specific essential oils, one will feel the effects of that specific strain. For example if one was to inhale from a cartridge of an indica-dominant strain, one will feel more indica effects, sending one into a deep relaxation.

If you are not looking for a product with this addition, our Absolute Zero comes raw or enjoy our capsules and droppers. All these products are made with only CBD straight from the industrial hemp plant. Alike CBD, terpenes are also non-psychoactive and contain no THC. Just because products have additional effects does not mean they will make you high or provide extremely intense effects.