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  • Absolute Zero


About Absolute Zero

Consume Absolute Zero as an immediate way to find relief from CBD. This is a dabbable product that can be used in a variety of ways. Enjoy raw to experience the effects of CBD or purchase with terpenes for specific effects from the cannabis-derived terpenes. Add product onto your favorite dabber to enjoy through your favorite piece, or place Absolute Zero into your go-to vapor pen. However you choose to consume expect the terpenes to add a delicious flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

With only the highest-quality CBD in our products, expect a smooth and satisfying consumption. The addition of terpenes with CBD work together to contribute to the entourage effect. Effects of cannabinoids and terpenes on their own have a great effect on the body but when they work together the effects are stronger. By combining CBD and terpenes, the effects of each work simultaneously to provide the best effects possible.