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  • Absolute Zero


Smoking CBD

The effects one feels when they smoke CBD are more intense and immediate. We offer two products where the consumer is able to smoke As a company we look to meet our consumers needs with a variety of different products. Our vape cartridges come prepared and ready for consumption; all you have to do is attach to a battery and inhale. Both products that we offer that are smokeable offer the addition of terpenes. Effects from the strain specific terpenes contribute to the entourage effect and bring more dominant effects upon consumption.
Absolute Zero is our other product where consumers can smoke CBD. This product sells raw or with the added terpenes. CBD with cannabis terpenes make a dab of Absolute Zero a delicious way to smoke CBD. Doesn’t matter if you are smoking a 500mg vape cartridge or dabbing on Sour AK Absolute Zero, all smokeable products contain just CBD or CBD and terpenes.