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Ways to Consume CBD

The versatility in our consumable CBD products allow a way for everyone to take CBD. Use our capsules, dropper or raw Absolute Zero as a way to consume CBD. If you are looking to take a consistent regimen of CBD daily, than capsules are for you. This will help to keep the endocannabinoid system functioning properly to help prevent serious symptoms of discomfort. Dose is smaller quantities like 10mg or for those with severe pain and discomfort take 100mg capsules.

Put Absolute Zero and the dropper in food or drink as a way to consume CBD. Take some Absolute Zero raw and add to coffee, tea or whatever your choosing. This goes for the dropper as well. Simply add a few drops to your food, drink or dog treat for CBD consumption. Also use the dropper as a topical by applying a few drops to your skin to rub in. Typically a dropper is best utilized by placing a few drops under the tongue.