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Cannabis & Hemp Oil Varieties 

In the cannabis, hemp, and CBD communities, there are so many types of oils. To understand which ones you may want to integrate into your routine, you must understand their similarities and differences.  

What is Oil as Referred to in the Cannabis Industry?  

If you’re a curious consumer, you may be wondering how so many oils can be created using one plant. This is an excellent insight, which will inform how we approach this broad and often confusing topic.  

To begin, we must understand how the origin plants differ. 

The United States government has segmented cannabis and hemp. While they are the same plant, the allowed amounts of THC differ – this is how we determine how the plant is labeled. 

The cannabis plant can contain very high levels of THC, which is the psychoactive phytocannabinoid that causes a “high.” In some states, particularly those with medical and recreational cannabis programs, cannabis plants can contain levels of THC that exceed 30%. 

In contrast, the hemp plant contains very low amounts of THC. More specifically, hemp can contain no more than 0.3% THC. This kind of plant, hemp, can also be referred to as “industrial hemp.”  

While hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, it does contain higher levels of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, like CBD.  

Oil Varieties 

To understand each oil variety, consumers must know it’s source plant (cannabis or hemp), how it’s made, and some common uses for the oil. This provides us with a big-picture perspective, enabling users to choose oils that work best for their goals. 

Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis oil is a broad term used to describe oils derived from cannabis and hemp. These concentrated extracts can be created using several extraction methods, and contain varying levels of cannabinoids and plant matter depending on how they are made and refined. 

Cannabis oil is synonymous with the term “THC oil.” To clarify, cannabis oil contains the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, and will give users the traditional ‘high’ associated with marijuana.

Hemp Oil 

Hemp seed oil is extracted exclusively from hemp seeds. Hemp oil has been used medicinally dating back to the Neolithic age (10,000 BC – 4,500 BC).  

Currently, hemp oil is used for a variety of things. From cooking to providing a nutrient-boost when consumed, hemp oil is multipurpose.

Hemp oil is often confused with CBD oil. I know what kind of products you’re getting, we suggest reading labels very carefully. 

CBD Oil  

CBD oil is a broad term used to describe oils derived from the industrial hemp plant. Hemp plants can be bred to contain high levels of CBD. Using a variety of extraction, refinement, and filtration processes, many variations of Cannabidiol oil exist. 

Full-Spectrum Oil

Full-Spectrum oil is a term used to describe a specific type of CBD oil. Full-spectrum oils can contain trace amounts of THC, alongside CBD, plant matter, and other cannabinoids.  

This type of CBD oil is known for ranging in color, from dark green to light yellow, and an earthy taste. 

Broad-Spectrum Oil 

Broad-Spectrum oil is a term used to describe another variation of CBD oil. Broad-spectrum oils contain no THC. Otherwise, these oils contain Cannabidiol, plant matter, and other cannabinoids. 

CBD Isolate 

CBD isolate is a term used to describe the third variation of CBD oil. CBD isolate differs because the phytocannabinoid has been isolated, leaving no traces of THC, plant matter, or other cannabinoids. CBD isolate oil contains only CBD.  

CBD isolate oils require a carrier oil. A frequent type of MCT or coconut oil, depending on the brand.  

Oil Consumption Methods 

Oils in the cannabis industry can be “used” in a variety of ways. While many consumption methods are available, users often select the delivery method that facilitates their desired effects.  


All oils, (THC, CBD, and everything in-between), can be made into droppers. Oil droppers are sometimes called tinctures as well.  

Infinite CBD has created many variations of CBD oil droppers. 

CBD Dropper

One of the most versatile droppers, Infinite CBD Droppers contain pure CBD isolate, and MCT oil for increased bioavailability. 

Terpene Dropper

Looking to further personalize your dropper experience? Our terpene dropper allows you to choose a terpene profile that best compliments your desired CBD experience. Infinite CBD droppers are available in five terpene profiles. 

Sweetened Dropper

Looking to elevate your CBD experience? Our CBD 

Personal Vaporizers 

Another way to consume Cannabis, THC, and CBD oils is through the use of a personal vaporizer. 

Not only is this delivery method conducive to “on-the-go” use, but it’s also subtle. Additionally, in a vapor-form, these oils are easily absorbed by the lung’s alveoli and transported directly into the bloodstream. 


If you want a consistent dose of the cannabis oil of your choosing, capsules are an excellent option. 

The capsule delivery method allows for an extended and consistent release of cannabinoids into the system. 

Infinite CBD makes a variety of capsules. 

Isolate Capsules 

Our chemist-formulated CBD isolate capsules allow you to enjoy a consistent amount of CBD whenever you see fit.

Isolate Capsules are available is three options: 10mg, 25mg, and 100mg


All varieties of cannabis oil can be made into edibles. While “edibles” may be predominantly associated with THC, more CBD edibles are popping up as well.  

This delivery method allows users to pair their cannabis oil experience with flavors that fancy their taste buds. 

Infinite CBD makes two varieties of CBD gummies. 

Asteroid Gummies  

Our all natural and vegan Asteroid Gummies give you a chance to enjoy CBD in a new way. 

Not only is this delivery method discrete, but allows for consumption wherever you are. 

Available in packs of 5, 10, and 20 gummies. 

Sour Asteroids 

Want to add some tang to your daily regime? Our sour gummies are a great way to enjoy your daily amount of CBD.  

Available in packs of 5, 10, and 20 sour gummies. 

Finding High-Quality Oils

As we’re sure you can tell, the world of oils is pretty complicated. What makes one oil different from another can be the smallest detail.  

The fact is, details matter, especially when you’re seeking specific effects. When comparing the different types of oils available, it’s important to look for a few key standards. These guidelines will help ensure that you’re getting high-quality oils.  

Organic & Sustainable Farming Practices

Every oil begins with the plant. When choosing a cannabis, hemp, or CBD oil, be sure to research where its source.   

Are the cannabis or hemp plants organic? Are there natural farming processes being used, or are pesticides being sprayed? Is the hemp local to your state or from a foreign country?  

All of these questions can help you rule out oils that may not be of high-quality. 

Lab-Tested Oils 

A few years ago, a story broke about cannabis and CBD oils making false claims about their ingredients, dosing, and source. Wondering what happened? Dozens of people got sick. 

One of the most important standards of quality for cannabis, hemp, and CBD oils are lab-tests. If you’re purchasing an oil, every company should be willing to provide you with a lab-report for the batch. 

Not only does this allow consumers to see exactly what is in their products, but it shows that the company values transparency and authenticity. 

CBD Oils from Infinite CBD   

As a Colorado-born company, Infinite CBD is proud to provide cannabis, hemp, and CBD lovers with high-quality CBD oil products. 

We source our CBD from local farmers who grow organic hemp. All of our products are made with all-natural ingredients and held to the highest quality standards. Additionally, we share the lab-tests for all of our batches of CBD on our website – you’ll never have to ask to see them.  

As the oil industry continues to expand, we promise to continue providing high-quality products and customer service to our community.  

If you have questions about our CBD oils, call us at (303) 562-1645. We’re happy to introduce you to our line of CBD products.