Infinite CBD Test Lab

Pie Gummies? Nerds Ropes? Meat Gummies? Okay, that last one was too far. Welcome to our Test Lab! We brainstorm and create products with you in mind. Some products may head to production while others head back to the drawing board. See a product you want to stick around? Let us know!  

Mad Honey 3 Pack

Mad Honey

Get your buzz on with Infinite CBD’s latest psychoactive product. Straight from Nepal, this honey is a trip!

15mg Max Effect Pucks

Are you a more experienced THC user? Ae looking to experiment with a “high” portion of THC? These gummies are for you! 

5mg Max Effect Cubes

Looking to explore with THC? These gummies pack a tiny punch of THC and are great for those looking to take THC for the first time.

Cordyceps Gummies

Start your day off focused and energized with these delicious, strawberry flavored, Cordyceps gummies. 

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 is Delta 9’s cannabinoid sibling. Its effects are not as potent as Delta 9.

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