Isolate Capsules

CBD when and where the universe takes you


For those looking to incorporate CBD isolate into their daily routine or for those who know their preferred amounts, these simplistic capsules are key.


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How To Use

Take capsules as needed.

Key Ingredients

Powdered Coconut Oil: Gentle on your stomach for easier digestion.
Gelatin Capsule: Each capsule is made with a gelatin casing.


  1. Sara K.

    I have tried the edibles, drops and finally Isolate capsules 25mg plus 10 mg are the winning ticket for me. I’m sleeping again and very thankful too!

  2. Cynthia S.

    My husband has been undgoing extremely severe pain from ischemia, which means lack of adequate blood supply, to his foot. The doctors initially refused to consider any controlled drugs! They recommended CBD. He had used CBD, recommended by my sister, an RN, prior to his former arterial leg bypass. When I found Infinite, the price was cheaper, so I thought we would give their product a try. Since the pain was excruciating, I selected the 150 mg capsules. My husband said these worked much better than the capsules from the other company. His pain was not controlled by theCBD, but even once they finally put him on some controlled pain medication, the pain STILL was not under control, so this is NOT the fault of Infite CBD. We ARE reordering!

  3. Lauren A.

    So far so good. I also bought the gummies for my son and we have seen an improvement with his anxiety.

  4. Elizabeth A.

    I broke my hip a couple of years ago and these really help with the pain. I like the way that it’s a steady dose that last quite a while.

  5. Jamie L.

    Very happy with the product. Works great

  6. Isobel B.

    I take the AM and it gives me energy all day

  7. Chrysanna L.

    We take for pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. If you’re 38 or 88 this will help!

  8. Alexandria R.

    For me, one of these pills didn't do anything but I took 3 and it really helped me get through the day. I was pain free and it boosted my mood. I'm going to purchase again but a stronger dose.

  9. Linn W.

    Always great to be able to carry these around with me. Drop a few under the tongue and you’re set to relax!

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