Isolate Capsules

CBD when and where the universe takes you.


Consuming CBD has never been easier as we take another trip around the sun. Adding a CBD Capsule to your daily routine will help keep your body at homeostasis and healthy for anything the universe throws at you. Take a capsule in the morning and/or at night for a regular amount of CBD.


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How To Use

Take capsules orally as needed.

Key Ingredients

Powdered Coconut Oil: Gentle on your stomach for easier digestion.
CBD Isolate: Pure CBD isolate derived from hemp.
Gelatin Capsule: Each capsule is made with a gelatin casing.


  1. Barry A.

    I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my hands and knees for many years. Just 2 days after taking cbd, I noticed a huge difference. The pain was drastically reduced, and now at times, I have absolutely NO pain at all! These capsules have been a true blessing for me. They have accomplished what prescription pain meds couldn’t, for me to live pain free!

  2. Katherine P.

    Very beneficial for transition from opiod meds. Also for pain

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