Isolate Capsules

CBD when and where the universe takes you.


Consuming CBD has never been easier as we take another trip around the sun. Adding a CBD Capsule to your daily routine will help keep your body at homeostasis and healthy for anything the universe throws at you. Take a capsule in the morning and/or at night for a regular amount of CBD.


Delivery methods

How To Use

Take capsules orally as needed.

Key Ingredients

Powdered Coconut Oil: Gentle on your stomach for easier digestion.
CBD Isolate: Pure CBD isolate derived from hemp.
Gelatin Capsule: Each capsule is made with a gelatin casing.


  1. Keriden Waldrop

    I love these capsules. I take 100mg in the morning and my body feels 10 years younger. Helps me get through my crazy busy days without the usual aches and pains.

    • Infinite CBD

      What it would be like to actually be 10 years younger… Thank you for the amazing feedback!

  2. Debra

    Although I’m still getting pain relief, it seems to me the liquid formula worked much better.

    • Infinite CBD

      Thank you for the feedback. When deciding to switch to dry, many found better benefits with them.

  3. Alex Hernandez

    I’m unsure if the dry substance is to be worried about or not because Im feeling like I’m being awoken by the side effects .. again it may just be me but at 3 in the am .. I’d like to think not . They are pm pills as I was told but I am skeptical about the powder I’ve found in these black gels

    • Infinite CBD

      According to the ingredients list for PM capsules consist of melatonin, powdered coconut oil, and CBD. Since all of these ingredients are powder, what is inside the black capsule will also be powder. What side effects are you experiencing?

  4. Alex Hernandez

    It seems to have helped the pain but for sleep there is no effect at all at least for me . I’ve awoken at least 2 times within the 8 hour period .. im guessing it’s just me but I will be switching to something else when the funds are there

    • Infinite CBD

      I would try a product where you can incorporate terpenes specifically something high in myrcene like mango kush or jungle cake. This will help with sleep. Also try adjusting the amount of CBD you are consuming.

  5. Ted

    Seems to help a bit with pain (tennis elbow) but that’s about it. As others have mentioned, I too would like to see the liquid gels.

    • Infinite CBD

      Coming soon. Adding topical CBD to pain as well is also very helpful!

  6. Diane

    I have had horrible pain in my right knee for years. Apparently it’s arthritis under the knee cap. After treatment from a specialist and trying almost everything except surgery I was referred to your company’s products. I’ve been using the capsules & dropper along with the Freezing Point topical. Oh my gosh… in a few consecutive days I have little to no pain at all! I can walk normally on stairs, hike, climb a ladder, work out at the gym. Thank you!

  7. Deborah

    If CBD was a human, I would seduce it, marry it, and spend the rest of my life trying to provide it with as much relief as it’s provided me.

    • Infinite CBD

      Lol. Wonder how CBD would feel about that.

  8. jamey_stratton

    I prefer the liquid caps. they worked great, I’m not feeling any effect from the ones with dry powdered coconut oil. Hope you get the gel caps back soon.

    • Infinite CBD

      From the research and testing we did, the dry caps were just as, if not more effective. But we will be introducing liquids again soon.

  9. sydniiford

    I use the 25mg isolate pills, I honestly liked the liquid formula better the dry formula with the powder seems to be less effective

    • Infinite CBD

      Soft gels are coming soon. We have experienced that the dry coconut oil is more effective. Thanks for the feedback!

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