Isolate Capsules

CBD when and where the universe takes you.


Consuming CBD has never been easier as we take another trip around the sun. Adding a CBD Capsule to your daily routine will help keep your body at homeostasis and healthy for anything the universe throws at you. Take a capsule in the morning and/or at night for a regular amount of CBD.


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How To Use

Take capsules orally as needed.

Key Ingredients

Powdered Coconut Oil: Gentle on your stomach for easier digestion.
CBD Isolate: Pure CBD isolate derived from hemp.
Gelatin Capsule: Each capsule is made with a gelatin casing.


  1. Tony B.

    This stuff is fantastic. It has helped both my wife and I tremendously with anxiety.

  2. Cynthia M.

    Very pleased with this product. Helps with pain and energy levels. Will keep using this.

  3. Kristina W.

    I would highly recommend this product for inflammation and pain. My husband and I both love this product. I have had eight foot surgeries and this product actually gives me pain relief after my ten hour shift as respiratory therapist. My husband loves it for pain after being a weekend warrior. He has had a hip and knee replacement. Also, do not be afraid that the quality is not as promised. My son that is pharmacologist/toxicologist has checked the purity and the mg was stated in all capsules analyzed.

  4. Timothy P.

    I've try a few other brands and wanted to try these and found that they work so much better than others. I love the 25mg one in the morning and one at night take the pain away. But when it hurts me more information take a 100mg at night. Which will allow me to sleep for 8 hours with no problems. Haven't got to try the pm ones yet.

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