How to use CBD

How to use CBD?

There is no official recommended dosage for CBD, but as you’re getting started, a good rule of thumb is to start with small doses and increase as necessary. You may have a personal physician who can advise you, and if so, asking for assistance is always a good idea. Doing this will minimize side effects as well as gauge tolerance in order to better maximize your health.

With regards to neuroprotective disorders, pain management, cancer and acne treatments, consult with your physician about current medications and discuss an appropriate serving size. There are physicians who specialize in working with CBD products as well and may be able to assist you with proper dosing.

There are several different delivery methods, and all depend on personal preference. Each individual benefits from different delivery of medication by way of orally, transdermally, or internally.


  • Edible – highly beneficial due to being combined with other foods in order to ensure long lasting effects and slow delivery over time. Edibles provide an exact amount of CBD which means easier tracking of how much CBD is consumed. Our CBD Gummies are some of the best on the market and taste excellent as well
  • Suppository – can be inserted rectally or vaginally which are blood supply rich areas for maximum absorption. Each suppository is designed with a specific amount of CBD, and there are multiple amounts to choose from.
  • Balms, Salves and Topicals – applied directly to the skin or lips, absorbed over time. These products are made specifically to target symptoms and complaints in specific areas, such as skin rashes, aching joints, and dry beards. Our new nano line features the most advanced CBD technology.  Check out our Nano CBD pain cream
  • Tinctures – pure extracts from either marijuana or hemp plants, usually placed directly under the tongue for optimal absorption and long lasting effects.
  • Vaping/Smoking – inhalation of CBD via specialized electronic pens for delivery into the body.


CBD companies are unable to weigh in as far as how much CBD you should use, and the FDA has also not issued a statement on the subject yet. However, it is worth knowing that CBD is a non-toxic compound and that there is no lethal overdose. The important thing is to find the amount that’s right for your personal needs. Start with a small serving and work your way up until you reach a point where the compound is effective for you.

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