29 Dec 2017
How to dab CBD isolate product.

How To Dab and What is a Dab?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Dab

What are dabs? How can you benefit from dabbing as compared to other consumption methods? Well, for starters, dabs are doses of cannabis that are made through extracting THC and other cannabinoids by using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, which results in sticky oils that are often referred to as shatter, wax, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO), as stated by Leafly. Generally, people recognize dabbing as the flash vaporization of cannabis concentrates. After application to a hot surface, the user will inhale. Dabs have been around for at least ten years. They’ve gained popularity in recent years, especially due to the almost instant benefits.

Helpful Information About Dabs:

If you’re new to dabbing, there’s helpful information you should know before experiencing this powerful consumption method. For one, dabs are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get really high. This makes it an ideal method for people who need to medicate often and in large amounts. However, recreational users enjoy dabbing as well because of the immediate onset of effects that occur.

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the high that comes from THC one can dab non-psychoactive compounds like CBD. Many people prefer dabbing CBD instead of THC to feel quick therapeutic effects and pain-relief with little cerebral euphoria.

Moreover, when dabbing for the first time, it’s crucial to understand the strong potency of dabs. For example, cannabis extracts like dabs often test between 60-90 percent THC, but it depends on the specific extract type and quality, according to Leafly. Whereas, cannabis flower strains typically test between 10-26 percent THC. Therefore, you won’t need a large dab to feel its strong effects.

If you want to know how to dab, you must remember that a little goes a long way. Concentrates are much stronger than cannabis flower strains. Also, it’s essential to start off with a small dab to ensure you have a positive and comfortable experience. When first dabbing, it’s best to start slowly and small because the potency of concentrates can be intense for beginners.

Learn how to dab, it’s also important to educate yourself on the effects of dabbing. The experience and potency differences between concentrates and flower demonstrate various effects on the user. Dabbing also requires tools you’ll need to dab at home. Overall, as long as you dab with clean and tested products, you can reap lots of benefits from this consumption method.

Benefits of Safely Dabbing:

Medical patients commonly consume dabs for those who suffer from chronic pain and/or chronic nausea. Users have reported feeling an onset of powerful effects after dabbing. This holds beneficial value for different reasons, but especially because dabbing is one of the best ways to receive immediate and effective relief.

People choose to dab is because of its benefits, which include the following; the effects are stronger, the high is different, consuming dabs are faster than rolling a joint or blunt, dabs have a better taste, they leave behind no ash byproducts, and it takes fewer hits to achieve each individuals’ desired effects. Also, dabs take effect immediately. Additionally, many medical patients gravitate towards dabs because dabbing provides them with a dosage of cannabinoids they’re looking to feel quickly.

Regardless of whether you’re new to dabbing or not, how to dab is important. You don’t want to experience unpleasant feelings because you took too much or because the product you purchased wasn’t pure.  Also, when buying from a licensed supplier, you’ll know that you’re receiving a product that was passed through rigorous quality control procedures, as mentioned by Leaf Science.

Essential Tools Needed to Safely Dab:

Before you start dabbing, you’ll need a few different tools:

  1. Cannabis extract: You can choose the extract you’d like, but the most common ones for dabbing are CO2, BHO, and solvent-less extracts like rosin but our favorite is our CBD Absolute Zero.
  2. Rig or vape pen: You will need a glass piece that is compatible for a nail. A vape pen will also work well with an oil.
  3. Nail: When deciding on a nail, keep in mind that you’ll need one that’ll fit your rigs gauge. The most commonly used nails are titanium, ceramic, and quartz nails.
  4. Carb Cap: The carb cap is important because it’s the glass hood that  the nail. In general, standard nails need something to trap the vapor before it’s inhaled.
  5. Torch: The torch is an essential part of dabbing, and there’s different torches you can use such as mini torches that are seen in cooking/baking. Overall though, most dabbers use the standard torch method because of its low cost.

 How to Dab Via a Step-by-step Guide:

Once you have all the tools you need, check out the potency of the dabbing oil before beginning. Keep in mind that a small dosage for a dab is no bigger than a crumb. If interested in how to dab, you must be careful with how much you consume, and make sure you measure out the amount beforehand, so you don’t take too much at once.

Dabbing Steps:

Step 1: Turn on the torch, and aim the flame directly at the nail.

Step 2: Once the nail is hot, turn off the torch. It is recommended to let your nail cool for 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 3: Take your dabber tool, and apply the dab directly onto the nail, and inhale slowly. Place the carb cap on top of nail for optimal effects. Also, if you rotate the dabber tip on the nail, this can help prevent wasting any oil that gets stuck to the dabber, according to a Leafly dabbing resource.

Step 4: Exhale, and enjoy the plethora of medical benefits that dabs can provide you with.

Lastly, don’t forget to use extreme caution when handling the tools, especially because the nails and carb cap will become extremely hot during the dabbing process. Also, always wait for all the pieces to cool down before touching them.

After learning how to dab by reading this article, please don’t forget to be cautious and smart before, during, and after dabbing so you can benefit from cannabis concentrates as much as possible.


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