Behind the Scenes: Tinctures

What is a tincture? A tincture is created when an active ingredient (in our case CBD) is dissolved into a liquid which is then used as a delivery method to the human body. Our tinctures can be mixed into coffee, smoothies, water, or can be pumped underneath the tongue and digested that way.
solution being measured

Extracting Our Ingredients



MCT Oil to start the recipe

CBD to promote wellness and calming

Flavoring such as Cherry Peach, Lemon Tangerine, and Mixed Berry



A synergy of Cannabinoids for each formulation

CBG which helps concentration (Energy / Focus)

CBN which has a calming effect (Relax)

THC  in our Full Spectrum Products


Handcrafting Your Tinctures

bottles being filled

Phase 1

ingredients laid out
First, we weigh out all the ingredients like MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, and other cannabinoids found in the tinctures

Phase 2

raw ingredients
Next, we make sure that all ingredients are mixed together vigorously so that the tincture ingredients are even

Phase 3

tincture being poured
Next, we pour the mixture into our filling machine that helps bottle the tinctures to send out to customers and wholesalers

Phase 4

bottle being filled
Finally, we bottle up the tinctures one by one to ensure that the quality of the tincture is good to go and send out

Formulated For You

empty bottles
We handcraft our batches to perfection and we make sure that each formula is specific to your needs. For example:
  • Relax – Contains CBN which allegedly helps with falling asleep
  • Energy – L-Theanine + B12 (Limonene in tinctures) to boost energy
  • Focus – Contains CBG which reportedly increases your concentration
  • Wellness – Features CBD to enhance the balance in your life
Check out all our tincture formulations below to find out which recipe is right for you.


These Mixed Berry tinctures contain CBD and feature CBN and Melatonin to promote a restful night’s sleep 


Our Cherry Peach Energy tincture formula contains cannabinoids CBD and CBG, plus L-Theanine, and B-12 to boost your day 


Our Pure Isolate CBD Wellness  tinctures can be incorporated into your everyday Wellness Routine in a smoothie or other drinks


We mix this recipe with Lemon Tangerine flavoring, CBD, plus 5-HTP to promote brain activity and give you focus