Behind the Scenes: Gummies

Gummies are by far our most popular product. They are the #1 delivery method of our formulas. Gummies have been around for roughly 100 years and bring a sense of nostalgia to our lives. They are easy to take almost anywhere and they are yummy! Our gummies come in many different flavors including Cherry Peach, Lemon Tangerine, Mixed Berry and more. Find out how we make our gummies below

Our Perfect Formulation

Water to start the recipe

Pectin so our gummies are vegan friendly

Sugar to make these delicious gummies flavorful

CBD to help assist people with calming

Non-GMO, Vegan, and Naturally Flavored

A synergy of Cannabinoids for each formulation

CBG which helps concentration (Energy / Focus)

CBN which has a calming effect (Relax)

THC in our Full Spectrum Products

Handcrafting Your Gummies

Phase 1

First, we weigh out all ingredients in big batches. We place them in a pot to cook the mixture while we add flavoring and color

Phase 2

Once the mixture is poured into our cube or puck molds, the gummies are then placed into our chiller so they can take shape

Phase 3

Next, we demold the gummies carefully from the container and  begin the proprietary curing process to let the mixture sit

Phase 4

The final steps are to polish the gummies, add any special additions (sour or sugar coating), and then bag them up!

Formulated For You

We handcraft our batches to perfection and we make sure that each formula is specific to your needs. For example:
  • Relax – Contains CBN which allegedly helps with falling asleep
  • Energy – Features L-Theanine + B12 to boost your body
  • Focus – Contains CBG which reportedly increases your concentration
  • Wellness – Features CBD to enhance the balance in your life
Check out all our gummy formulations below to find out which recipe is right for you.


These Mixed Berry gummies contain CBD and feature CBN and Melatonin to promote a restful night’s sleep


Our Cherry Peach Energy Gummy formula contains cannabinoids CBD and CBG, plus L-Theanine, and B-12 to boost your day


Our Pure Isolate CBD Wellness Honeydew flavored gummies can be incorporated into your everyday Wellness Routine


We mix this recipe with Lemon Tangerine flavoring, CBD, plus 5-HTP to promote brain activity and give you focus