Behind the Scenes: Balms & Salves

Balms and Salves are very similar to each other. They are both topicals and serve a similar purpose but have a slightly different consistency. A balm is more solid than a salve due to its beeswax content. The most common everyday balm that everyone uses would be lip balm. Our balms and salves are handcrafted to help you with dry and cracked skin. 

balm and salve

Extracting Our Ingredients




CBD – reduces dryness and inflammation

Eucalyptus – antioxidant to protect cells 

Camphor – draws moisture to the skin

Peppermint Oil – anti-bacterial properties

Menthol – used for cooling and scent

Balm and Salve 2



CBD – reduces dryness and inflammation

MCT Oil – to use as a base

Manuka Honey – balances skin’s pH level 

Vitamin E – anti-inflammatory agent

Lanolin – helps soothe skin


Handcrafting Your Balms & Salves


Phase 1

Salve Ingredients

First, we weigh out all the ingredients such as lanolin, Manuka honey, beeswax, CBD, vitamin E, menthol and more

Phase 2

balm ingredients2

Next, we mix all the ingredients together in a pot to ensure that everything is added equally to the formula 

Phase 3


Next, we add the pot to a burner to heat the mixture to create the desired consistency of our balms and slaves

Phase 4


Finally, we bottle up the balms and salves one by one to ensure that the quality of the products is good to go and send out to you


2.5oz_Salve_Cooling (1)

Our Cooling Slave helps those who suffer from dry and irritated skin. It’s formulated to give you a cooling sensation in even the driest of places.  



Our Wellness Balm is handcrafted to help those that may suffer from inflammatory skin. Its Manuka honey and Vitamin E will get the job done!