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Inside Asteroids

A Look Inside: Asteroid Gummies

Asteroid Gummies are one of the major staples in the Infinite CBD product line. With variations to fit each and every need, these superb star-shaped CBD gummies have put smiles on faces since their creation. With variants showcasing pure isolate and broad spectrum CBD, Asteroid Gummies are offered in 10 and 20 pack resealable bags.  This is truly a world class CBD gummy available for affordable pricing.

What’s Inside?

Natural ingredients and flavoring alongside pure CBD and coconut oil is what you will find inside of an asteroid gummy. Not to mention, this product is totally vegan. Our in-house chemist has prioritized this plant-based formulation, which avoids the use of gelatin – a major relief to many of our regular customers.

Natural Sweeteners

Light corn syrup and dextrose (a simple syrup derived from corn) are naturally sweet without any of the regret.

Natural Flavoring

We want the full experience for our customers. With natural flavoring, we know these flavors are perfect for our customer base.

Natural Acids

Citric, Malic and Tartaric acid are naturally found in fruits. Including these help the gummies keep their flavor and texture over time – if stored correctly.


This is our star ingredient. Thanks to pectin, we’re able to achieve a beautiful consistency for these vegan gummies without the use of gelatin!

How Asteroids are Made.

Natural ingredients and flavoring alongside pure CBD is what you will find inside of an asteroid gummy. Not to mention, this product is totally vegan. Our in-house chemist has prioritized this plant-based formulation, which avoids the use of gelatin – a major relief to many of our regular customers.

What we put into Asteroids is what makes them so stellar. Below is a quick list of our ingredients and why we’ve chosen them for the job!


We aim to be as low waste as humanly possible, so our lab staff and chemist ensure that batches are made to exact specificities.


We have two individual mixtures. The first is what gives the gummies their “gummy” texture. The second pot has, well, everything else – including CBD!


Now it’s time to pour our mixtures together! From here, the mixing process and thorough to ensure a perfect blend in each and every gummy.


Next it’s time to get these mixtures situated in their molds! Our little stars need about one full day to let solidify enough for the next step.


After a day to let the curing process truly develop, we coat each asteroid to make sure they retain as much of their moisture as possible.


After another three days of cure time, Asteroid Gummies are ready to be removed from the mold, immediately packaged and sent to you!

How to Use.

Asteroid Gummies are as simplified as they seem. We’ve cut out the confusion and loaded each individual gummy with 25mg – the perfect amount to get you started. However, some customers like to break this up into smaller pieces, distributing CBD throughout their day. With this in mind, you’re welcome to divide each gummy into as many pieces as you feel necessary.

How to Store.

Storage is just as simple – the choice is yours! Some of our customers prefer a dense gummy. If you agree, toss your bag into the fridge! They stiffen pretty quickly. For those who prefer a softer gummy, level these sit in the cabinet or counter. If these are exposed to direct sunlight or left in an area that exceeds 75 degrees fahrenheit, they will surpass soft and enter “mushy” territory.

Different Types of Asteroids

No matter your preference there is a gummy out there for you! All of these are made from 100% natural ingredients and come in a variety of cannabinoid profiles and flavors!


Our original formulation with all-natural fruit flavoring. This CBD isolate option embodies purity and perfection.

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Sour Asteroids

An intense blast of flavor in every gummy. With CBD isolate, Sour Asteroids are an exciting experience.

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Broad Spectrum Asteroids

Beautifully refined broad spectrum CBD in every gummy. More cannabinoids for the cannabis connoisseur.

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B12 Asteroids

Yuzu flavored gummies with a B12 boost. This broad spectrum option is perfect for getting over your daily humps.

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Customer Testimonials

“These gummies work well as an add on to your regular CBD use on those long work days or just as a simple way to keep your calm when needed. They taste very good and have a nice gummy consistency unlike a lot of other I have tried, that taste awful and are rock hard. Give them a try!”

David S. / Verified Buyer

“I take these gummies before bed. They work really well and taste amazing! Great price and fast shipping as well. Can’t beat it!”

Erin N. / Verified Buyer

“Checked w my dr before taking ,because there are many snake oil products out there. Absolutely, no interaction and for the first time in years – I sleep through the night undisturbed! No hangover at all. Great product. Their droppers are wonderful too!”

Kelly R. / Verified Buyer

“Being new I would recommend experimenting with different methods of consumption. For me I was hoping for something to settle me down around bed time. I think the dummies worked, but because I varied the amount each time it is hard to tell. We will definitely continue researching the products that work well for us.”

Michael H. / Verified Buyer