History of CBD

History of CBD

CBD has a notorious reputation due to its origins stemming from the elusive cannabis plant. However, with a growing number of the general population requiring pharmaceuticals to function and treat disorders, many have begun to search for new alternatives for more natural ways to get healthy.

CBD has recently gained notice and praise from the public in recent years, with many believing this compound is new and unique. However, once researching the benefits and legality of CBD, many have found that it has existed for over 50 years.

In 1940, a Harvard University graduate by the name of Roger Adams unknowingly and successfully separated the CBD chemical compound from the marijuana plant.  Lack of knowledge caused the chemical compound to be put aside and remain untouched until years later when Adams and other scientists finally realized what he had accomplished.

Studies began on CBD in 1946 when Dr. Walter S. Loewe first utilized the compound successfully proving a constant altered mental state in lab animals. Also in 1946, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam identified the three-dimensional structure of CBD and thus became known as the scientist who discovered CBD.

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Now in the 1960’s, research continued on CBD and primates, and the British Pharmacopoeia released the first therapeutic CBD oil to the public. As it always is with science, the never-ending research continued thankfully, and in 1980 Dr. Mechoulam made a fantastic breakthrough that forever altered the course of CBD for future generations. He discovered a crucial factor in treating epilepsy during a study, the critical factor being CBD.

While breakthroughs and research have shown positive effects of CBD pharmaceutically and medically, CBD production continually has to face adversity not only morally, but legally as well. Legal issues have been the primary blockage in CBD production, usage, and research due to its origins and a lack of public education. It is the aim of this guide to provide information on the many effective uses of CBD.  

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