26 Jun 2018
Evergreen tree bark derived CBD.

Evergreen Tree Bark Derived CBD; Opening of Portland’s First CBD Café

Evergreen Tree Bark Derived CBD

Cannabis is medically and recreationally legal in Oregon, and various CBD-based products are sold in different state shops and dispensaries. However, the CBD products that are sold in Portland and other Oregonian cities are derived from hemp or the whole cannabis plant. Whereas, one Portland-based CBD café that recently opened sells a few CBD-based products in which cannabidiol is derived from evergreen tree bark. Rather than extracting CBD from hemp or the whole cannabis plant, the café’s CEO, Christine Smith, decided to take a nontraditional route and use evergreen tree bark derived CBD in her products. Why’s CBD extracted from this source, is it medically beneficial, and what products are available for purchase?

Portland’s First CBD Café—GrönCafe & How It Got Started

On June 6th of this year, Portland, Oregon had a grand opening of their first CBD café. The café was started by Grön Chocolate, a Portland edibles company. Grön Chocolate was originally founded in 2014, and they’re headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In 2016, Grön Chocolate launched themselves into a leadership position within Oregon’s cannabis edibles market. From there, they attained 24 full-time employees and $4 million in revenue alongside consistent sales. After the significant success Grön Chocolate experienced, the CEO jumped into a new venture called Grön CBD.

The CEO’s main goal was to focus solely on CBD products for several reasons. Mostly though, she was drawn towards the cannabinoid’s non-psychoactive make-up and its plethora of medicinal benefits. Due to Grön Chocolate’s loyal consumers and popular Grön CBD products, Christine Smith decided to open a strictly CBD café called GrönCafe. One of the most unique aspects about Grön CBD products is that their base is evergreen tree bark derived CBD. The cannabidiol is extracted from trees found in Southeast Asia, therefore, Oregon regulators have zero oversight on GrönCafe’s sales.

Why GrönCafe’s CBD Products Are Different from Other CBD-infused Edibles

In the past, Grön Chocolate successfully bypassed Oregon law, which forbids the sale of cannabis products outside of licensed state dispensaries. Since GrönCafe’s CBD products are all derived from evergreen tree bark, the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) has no plans to attempt and regulate GrönCafe at this time. Also, evergreen tree bark isn’t a federal Schedule I drug. Therefore, this form of CBD falls outside of Oregon’s regulatory strictures. Therefore, GrönCafe can legally ship their products to customers across state lines, and they don’t have to enforce age restrictions.

About GrönCafe Products

Recently, GrönCafe began serving drinks and chocolate containing evergreen tree bark derived CBD. The main offering is a chocolate bar that contains ten servings, which costs $25. While at GrönCafe, customers can sample and purchase different infused chocolate bars, teas, and hot chocolates. There are different intentions in implementing the café’s long tables and welcoming environment. Mostly, it’s to indirectly explain the benefits of cannabis and CBD to customers who are uneasy about purchasing these kinds of products from licensed dispensaries.

The company’s CEO stated the following about this matter, “In the cannabis world, we’re not allowed to communicate directly to the customer because we sell through dispensaries. People can see how it’s made, see what the kitchen looks like, and ask questions.” According to GrönCafe’s owner, the effects felt from their CBD products is dissimilar from standard CBD products. Instead, the effects are “more in line with taking an Aspirin”.

Medical Efficacy of Evergreen Tree Bark-Derived CBD

Thus far, there haven’t been any studies conducted on the medicinal benefits of evergreen tree bark derived CBD. This is not to say that this form of CBD is ineffective. But rather, there’s not a significant amount of scientific evidence to confirm the efficacy of this form of CBD. Regardless, CBD itself contains a wide variety of beneficial properties. However, the source of GrönCafe’s CBD may make some individuals skeptical.

The Future of GrönCafe

So far, Grön Chocolate and GrönCafe have received success and positive feedback from its customers. Thus, the CEO plans to set up shop in other U.S. states like Nevada. At this moment, Grön CBD products have made a large splash in Oregon’s CBD edibles market. Thus, expansion will most likely take place in the months to come.

In the meantime, if you’d like to try GrönCafe’s evergreen tree bark derived CBD products, there are different purchasing options. For instance, the products are sold at their café, online through their website and/or Amazon, and via other distributors around Oregon. If you live in Oregon or plan on visiting in the future, consider browsing GrönCafé one day and see what you think. The café is open Wednesday-Friday from 11 a.m.—6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.—4 p.m. at 960 SE Madison Street.

If you wish to stick with consuming CBD derived from hemp though, especially since there’s medical evidence to back up its benefits, feel free to check out our online store and our recently added products!


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