11 Nov 2019
Wholesale Deals - 2019 Black Friday

20% off Wholesale During Black Friday; CBD Wholesale Deals 2019

To some, Black Friday is viewed as the day after Thanksgiving. For others, Black Friday is viewed and treated as an epic shopping holiday like no other. This consumerist holiday is an opportunity to take advantage of various store discounts, promotions, and special sales. For all wholesale accounts, take advantage of our biggest wholesale deal of 2019.

All Infinite CBD wholesale accounts can purchase all products at 20 percent off for one full work week in November. From November 11th to the 15th, businesses can take advantage of the biggest discount of the year and save on their favorite CBD products. Do you have an Infinite CBD wholesale account? If so, choosing to take advantage of our Black Friday CBD wholesale deals during this limited time will prove to be beneficial.

Take Advantage of Black Friday CBD Wholesale Deals in 2019

Nowadays, numerous companies participate in Black Friday before or on the actual day. For Infinite CBD though, wholesale deals are available to businesses middle of November for product to be fulfilled, shipped and delivered before November 29. This allows wholesale customers to stock their shelves for their retail customer on Black Friday.

To save money in the long-run, one option is to jump online and receive CBD wholesale deals in 2019 for Black Friday. Thinking ahead and shopping in advance can benefit your business, your customers, and their bank accounts. If there is a way to save money, would you act on it? If so, prepare to shop as early as Monday, November 11th. Shopping early is recommended to ensure that your most desired products arrive to your store before Black Friday.

Mark Your Calendar to Receive CBD Wholesale Deals

Now, let’s get down to the sale’s details. Businesses are eligible to receive CBD wholesale deals from Monday, November 11th until Friday, November 15th. A 20 percent discount is applied to CBD products thus making this sale one of the biggest of the year. At the end of the day, do you want a quality CBD product that stands strong against other competitors? If so, it is in your best interest to purchase Infinite CBD wholesale products during the Black Friday sale.

Why Wholesale Locations & Their Customers Can Benefit From This Black Friday Sale

If you already have a wholesale CBD account, why not provide your customers with the best available prices? Share the savings your business gets to your customers. This will lock in customer loyalty and retention; an added bonus for any business. Sharing CBD product savings with your customers will also demonstrate your effort to genuinely help.

Infinite CBD and its Sales Representatives encourage wholesale customers to pass their saving along to their customers on Black Friday. Not only will your business save 20 percent off products, but your customers should save 40 percent off CBD products. On top of this, your business will receive posters with suggested pricing on them.

Do Not Miss Out On This Epic Sale

Overall, Infinite CBD understands how difficult it can be for people to afford quality CBD products. This is one main reason why we strive to meet low wholesale prices–to benefit customers, interested businesses, and everyday consumers. Whether you are a massage therapist, a dispensary, or a grocery store, you can benefit from Infinite CBD wholesale products. What is even more valuable is that your customers can benefit too.

Since this sale will only last for five days, be sure to mark it on your calendar. It is only for a limited time, so do not miss out! Which Infinite CBD wholesale products would you go for first? Share your answer with us in the comments below and if you plan on participating in this worthwhile sale!

Nicole Skrobin

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