13 Oct 2016
Apply CBD topical to help arthritis.

About Topical CBD Application

We all know that you can smoke or ingest CBD to get the effect from the cannabis plant. But you can also apply topically to a specific area to still get relief. If you do not want to use a lotion, salve or other type of topical that contains THC, a pure hemp-derived CBD product will reduce pain and inflammation.

How it works

Once applied to a targeted area, a CBD topical penetrates and affects the CB2 receptors. Topical applications absorbs into the skin slowly supplying medicine over a period of time. This means you can get all the healing effects of CBD during a longer timeframe. The CB2 receptors are throughout the body and will activate either naturally by the endocannabinoid system or from phytocannabinoids like CBD and THC. The active cannabinoids are absorbed into your skin to signal the receptors to provide relief.


Topical CBD products have been known to give relief for people who have arthritis, rashes, inflammation, headaches, eczema, chapped lips, dry skin, sore muscles, burns, bug bites, sunburn, acne and much more.
Apply CBD oil or topical directly to irritated area.
For bug bites, rashes, burns or skin conditions gently rub-in the infused topical. A CBD oil topical will never penetrate the bloodstream but signals the CB2 receptors for relief.
For more intense pain, like sore muscles, arthritis or inflammation, massage the infused product into the targeted area to reduce pain and inflammation.


No high

Like all of our CBD products, topical products will not get you high. Even with THC topicals, people say that only extreme levels of THC will give you a “high” feeling but not as intense. Topical products never breakthrough into the bloodstream.

Target application

Instead of medicating your entire self, you can apply a CBD topical to a direct area where it will have maximum impact. You can apply when you want and how much. Based on the pain of the area and the amount of treatment it needs.

Infinite CBD


  1. Can I mix CBD oil in my face lotion? I bought some thats 1000 concentration but dont know how much to mix. Can you help me?

  2. How much cbd isolate should I put in a 500ml batch of balm?

    1. 1 gram = 1000 mg so you would need .5 g

  3. I have let my 5.3 lb maltese (up from 3.1 as a new rescue) a month ago), have a drop with treats. He was neutered four days ago. I give him a drop with a smear of lip balm…he loves some eos! And then rub a drop over his incision. He came home with the hated cone. As soon as he got the oil he stopped licking. The incision is pliable and doesnt bother him at all. I have the pain pills on hand just in case. But so far i have to stop his dancing and playing on hind legs.

  4. What is a good ratio of CBD isolate to mix in a small container of lotion?

    1. Each gram of Infinite CBD Absolute Zero is 1000 mg depending on how much lotion you make and what you want the dose to be will determine how much you use.

  5. Can I use it on my cat CBD

    1. Yes! Cats have endocannabinoid systems too!

  6. Hello. I’m currently on other prescription drugs and wanted to know if the topical creams will affect the liver at all or if it stays out?

    1. Although our creams are not processed by the liver, we would still suggest talking to your physician about it.


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