18 Sep 2019
CBD topical for pain.

CBD Topical Products for Pain and Management – Can They Help?

In recent years, CBD-infused products have made a huge name for themselves. Not only is this cannabinoid becoming more popular than traditional THC, but it appeals to nearly all age groups. Although CBD products are available in many different forms, topical CBD products fit within their own sub-industry now. There are numerous topical CBD products to choose from. They range from infused lotions to creams to serums to ointments. Not to mention, there are also topical CBD products in the areas of make-up and beauty. When using topical CBD products for pain though, certain ones may be more suitable than others.

Infinite CBD’s Quality Topical Creams Worth Trying

One positive about CBD-infused products is that they can be applied wherever discomfort is located. Nowadays, less people are relying on traditional OTCs and pharmaceutical medications to help treat their pain. Instead, the incorporation of CBD topicals for pain management is slowly becoming the norm. 

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of CBD-infused topical products to choose from. However, Infinite CBD’s topical products stand out against their competitors for several reasons. For one, Infinite CBD tests all their products for contaminants and leftover residue from extraction. They ensure that all products are the safest and the highest quality possible before allowing customers to purchase them. Also, one of Infinite CBD’s main goals is to provide customers with the highest quality products that can benefit their lives. Isn’t that what we all want? Product safety, proper compliance, quality ingredients, and genuine compassion for consumers. 

Topical Freezing Point Cream–Benefits & Uses

For those who wish to try CBD topicals for pain or management, customers report Infinite CBD’s Freezing Point cream is an ideal choice. Aside from this product containing CBD, it also contains different essential oils. A few examples include potent peppermint and eucalyptus oil. The product also contains camphor and menthol for additional benefits and helpful pain-reducing properties.

Furthermore, the Freezing Point cream is used for a variety of reasons, but mostly to reduce aches, pain, and discomfort. If you are unsure whether this topical product is for you, check out the more than 200 reviews written about it. Many customers have used this product to relieve abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, arthritis pain, and even headaches. You may need to reapply the infused cream to get the results you are looking for. Regardless, though, this Freezing Point cream can serve a vital purpose in one’s daily life.

Nano Freezing Point Cream

Lately, CBD topicals for pain relief and management have become more of a staple in the health & wellness sector. Rather than only opting for conventional medicines, infused CBD products may be worth trying. Besides Infinite CBD’s original Freezing Point topical cream, another popular product is their Nano Freezing Point cream. This topical product is very similar to the original, but it contains NANO CBD particles. Essentially, after application, microscopic CBD particles penetrate through the skin to relieve pain and discomfort.

Depending on how severe and constant one’s pain is, this Nano product may be more beneficial. If the reviews on Infinite CBD’s topical products are not enough to convince you to try them, what about research findings supporting topical CBD usage? A 2016 study reported an interesting discovery about topical CBD usage. The topical application of CBD showed potential in relieving inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. 

Now that there is medical evidence supporting CBD’s  potential benefits when topically applied, would you give it a chance? How do you think CBD topicals for pain management can help you or a loved one? Feel free to share your topical CBD encounters with us in the comments!


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