04 Feb 2019
Big Bang, CBD Lube.

New Product Announcement – Big Bang, CBD Lube

About Big Bang, CBD Lube

Using CBD Lube for sex will help take your sex life to the next level. Stress and performance anxiety have an effect on your pleasure, so does pain. This hinders your experience and ultimately can cause issues within a relationship.
According to the public, using a CBD lube or any CBD product for sex, will help one to relax and fully enjoy their sex experience. In a recent a survey by Remedy Review, 68% of people who tried CBD for sex, said it improved their experience.
Although not a lot of research is done on the topic of CBD and sex, it shows promise to increase sensual pleasure.


Using a CBD Lube to help with your sexual experience, can offer many potential benefits. From pain during intercourse to performance anxiety, try adding CBD during sex with Big Bang, CBD Lube.


Pain is very common among women during sex. In fact, 3 out of 4 women experience pain during sex. Various health conditions can have a direct impact on this pain but some of the most common are endometriosis, infection, inflammation, and ovarian cysts but sometimes pain can be due to insufficient lubrication. If you experience pain during sex, try using CBD before and during sex to help reduce pain for a more pleasure.
Due to the potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD many women report that utilizing CBD for sex has helped improve their sex experience as less pain allows the couple to connect deeper and on an more intimate level.


Performance anxiety during sex is real. Many men and women feel uncomfortable or have a medical condition which reduces their confidence in the bedroom. Thankfully, CBD is an all natural ingredient known to help reduce symptoms of anxiety.
As one begins to relax, the couple is able to be more intimate with one another which allows sex to be more pleasurable for both parties. Having anxiety during sex is completely normal but with the help of CBD, it can help to reduce some symptoms. It is also important to talk with your significant other about your insecurities to help reduce anxiety.

How to use Big Bang, CBD Lube

Big Bang, CBD Lube is great for foreplay and during sex, right before penetration. Deliberately apply Big Bang, CBD Lube to your vagina, penis or sex toy, or have your partner apply until sufficiently wet.
Big Bang is an all natural product which is oil based, please note DO NOT USE WITH CONDOMS.


Made with all natural ingredients, Big Bang CBD Lube is the only lube you will need. It has a sweet orange taste with essential oils to help balance a woman’s pH.
CBD Isolate work with the body to help reduce anxiety and pain during sexual intercourse.
Coconut Oil is clinically proven to provide moisture which is beneficial to a lube during sex.
Jojoba Oil offers a long lasting lube to endure all your needs.
Vitamin E increases blood flow and has a vital role in production of hormones.
Vanilla Essential Oil stimulates hormones to boost libido in both men and women.
Orange Essential Oil boosts one’s sexual energy while providing a hint of orange for taste.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is a floral scent which offers sexual energy as it is a well-known aphrodisiac.
Sage Essential Oil is great for relaxing while promoting euphoria. Helps balance pH.


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