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Pure Industrial Hemp CBD Isolate

What is CBD isolate?

Cannabidiol or CBD has become a topic at the forefront of the cannabis industry for years. Research and studies show incredible results of helping people cope with anxiety, depression, allergies, cancer, chemotherapy, asthma, pain relief and many other medical issues. This cannabinoid is in the cannabis plant; both marijuana and industrial hemp. Within the plant are many other cannabinoids that work with the human endocannabinoid system to bring effects to the body.
CBD isolate is crystallized then pulverized to form CBD powder. Our CBD isolate is pulverized to evenly and accurately dose each product. After the plant material has gone through its extraction process, only the single molecule of cannabidiol is left. We then take the CBD isolate to mix into each product.


To begin with, we take the stalks from industrial hemp plants to extract CBD. The plant material goes through a variety of solvent washes to isolate the CBD compound. This will then go into a winterization stage for the removal of all fats and lipids. During this process, it will separate any residuals left in the product; unwanted by-products, plant lipids, fats and waxes. Winterized CBD is known to be more potent.
In addition, we winterize to make sure that we deliver the simplest and most pure form of CBD to our customers. This is followed by going through a rotary evaporator that will take out any remaining plant matter and unnecessary materials. Finally, the extract decarboxylates into the crystalline, it is pulverized into a fine powder for all of our products. Decarboxylation is process of turning acidic forms of cannabinoids into their non-acidic or activated forms. For example; CBDa converts into CBD.

Unique Product Uses

CBD isolate is especially relevant today.  With the plethora of uses it has, there is a delivery method available for most. We use CBD isolate in all of our products from droppers to Absolute Zero. No matter what product you get from Infinite CBD it will always consist of the same quality isolate. Below are some unique ways to use our products made of pure CBD isolate.


  • The most common way to utilize a dropper of CBD is to place a few drops under the tongue to absorb. Inside the mouth, the mucosal lining will quickly absorb the CBD isolate product to provide effects.
  • Apply a few drops of CBD topically then massage into the specific area. The CBD will penetrate into the skin layers to provide effects to the area.
  • Take a few drops a put it into your food or drink to ingest.

Absolute Zero

  • Add raw Absolute Zero to make your favorite product to also get the benefits of CBD. Put some CBD isolate into your skincare routine, mix in CBD with your chapstick or place some in your morning cup of coffee.
  • Due to the versatility of CBD isolate in our products, users can incorporate multiple ways into their daily life. Using Infinite CBD products, gives you the opportunity to use CBD isolate any way you choose. If we do not already offer a great product for you, our droppers and raw Absolute Zero will give you the ability to get creative with delivery methods.

Lab Tested

In conclusion, each batch of CBD to make our product goes through third-party testing to ensure that we always give our customers the highest quality CBD on the market. Our current test results show our CBD isolate contains above 99% cannabidiol while containing minimal amounts of other cannabinoids.