21 Dec 2018
CBD-infused drink

Growing Phenomena of CBD-infused Drinks and Infinite CBD’s New CBD-infused Healthy Beverages

Which medicine is non-psychoactive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and medically beneficial that can help improve your overall health and quality of life? The answer is Cannabidiol (CBD)! In recent years, the legalization and usage of CBD has significantly changed. Numerous U.S. states have legalized the cannabinoid, and millions of people have shifted to using this alternative form of medicine. There are different CBD-based products available for in-person and online purchases. However, one particular sector within the industry that keeps gaining momentum is the CBD-infused drinks market.

Canaccord Genuity analysts have projected that the CBD-infused beverage sector will become a $260 million market by 2022. Due to the growing demand of cannabis and CBD-infused drinks, Infinite CBD has released a variety of beneficial beverages that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily routine. Read on to find out more about these CBD-infused drinks and the rapid prevalence of this ever-changing CBD sector.

Growing Demand for Cannabis and CBD-infused Drinks & Its Rapid Expansion

In addition, although cannabis and CBD-infused food edibles are growing in popularity, infused beverages are giving edibles a run for their money. Surprisingly, cannabis-infused drinks are estimated to become a $600 million market in the United States within the next four years or so. Due to the likelihood of future success within this sector, numerous cannabis and non-cannabis companies are getting involved. Overall, the demand for these kinds of infused drinks continues to grow, especially in U.S. states where cannabis is recreationally legal. Canaccord Genuity released other projections about the CBD-infused drinks sector.

Specifically, by 2022, many cannabis analysts have estimated that the revenue generated from cannabis and CBD-infused beverages could surpass the demand for retail cannabis products by more than two times. This means that cannabis and CBD-infused drinks may secure around 20 percent of the cannabis edibles market in less than five years. Whereas, the THC-infused beverage market is projected to become a $340 million market. Out of all health & wellness drinks that have been released thus far, CBD-infused beverages could play a significant role in this specific market.

So far, it has been discovered that both THC and CBD contain a plethora of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. However, in recent years, the benefits of CBD and its non-psychoactive make-up have attracted more people than THC products. This is one main reason why more companies are focusing their efforts on producing CBD-infused drinks rather than that of THC.

Alcohol and Soda Companies Jumping on the CBD-infused Drinks Bandwagon

Due to the growing demand for both cannabis and CBD-infused beverages, mainstream alcohol and soda companies are trying to jump in while it is still relatively early. A few big-name alcohol corporations that have already stepped into this market include one of Corona’s parent partners, Molson Coors Canada, and Coco-Cola expressed their interest in getting involved too.

Not long ago, it was estimated that medical and recreational cannabis sales will rake in $11.7 billion by the end of this year. It was also projected that the combined medical and recreational cannabis industry will become a $25 billion market within seven years. Thus, it is safe to say that the cannabis industry is and will be a huge competitor to the alcohol industry in the years to come. Already, the success of the cannabis and CBD industry have put pressure on alcohol sales.

Regarding the alcohol industry, its accumulated revenue is significant. But it is likely to vary in the future based on its new competitors—cannabis and CBD. Last year, alcohol beer sales raked in $38 billion. There is much money to make with alcohol, but this applies to the cannabis and CBD industry too. For this reason and several others, numerous companies, investors, and entrepreneurs are jumping into the cannabis and CBD-infused drinks market sooner rather than later.

Growing Prevalence of Cannabis and CBD-infused Products That Do Not Require Smoking

Moreover, nowadays, more consumers are interested in trying cannabis and CBD products that do not require smoking. Certain cannabis and CBD consumption methods are growing in popularity and prevalence. One particular method is the consumption of cannabis or CBD orally via an infused beverage (alcoholic or not).

The demand for cannabis and CBD-infused drinks keeps increasing while also gaining attention and for valid reasons. Aside from the infused beverage sector, by 2020, the hemp and CBD industries are projected to become a $1 billion market. Unfortunately, cannabis-derived CBD is still federally illegal in the U.S.

However, many individual U.S. states have legalized CBD for medicinal and/or recreational purposes. Whereas, industrial hemp-derived CBD oil is legal, and it is normally treated as a dietary supplement in America. Thus, people can legally buy CBD and hemp products in various dispensaries or online stores like Infinite CBD.

Because of the increasing demand for cannabis and CBD-infused beverages, recently, Infinite CBD made an impactful move. Specifically, they decided to get involved in the CBD-infused beverage sector by releasing three uniquely infused drinks.

The CBD-infused drinks include the Nano Detox shot, Nano Water, and CBD-infused Nano non-dairy creamer. One of the main intentions of releasing these drinks is to give customers medical and therapeutic relief.

Infinite CBD’s Medically and Therapeutically-Infused CBD Drinks

Nano Detox Shots

Infinite CBD’s Nano CBD detox shots are just what individuals need to get a single-serving of much-needed superfoods. Consuming this CBD-infused beverage is ideal for times when a cold coming on, when you are feeling under the weather, or when you need a superfood boost after a long week. This CBD detox shot also helps users combat inflammation, lose weight, experience an energy boost while supporting digestion and helping cleanse the liver.

Every day, we encounter various daily environmental chemicals that are not always noticeable right away. After consuming one of these shots, you can relax knowing that you tried a product that helps remove toxins from your body while positively boosting your health. To live the best and healthiest life possible, it is essential to maintain a positive quality of life. Fortunately, Infinite CBD’s Nano CBD detox shots can give you the medicinal and therapeutic boost you need.

Furthermore, the shots contain Nano CBD (tiny CBD particles), milk thistle, green tea, ginger, beet root powder, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B Complex. Also, you can choose from three options of this product: detox, energy, and rest. This product has also been lab-tested to ensure that it is not contaminated with anything harmful or dangerous. If interested, these Nano detox shots cost $5.50, and they are worth every penny.

Nano CBD Water

Next is Infinite CBD’s Nano water, which is naturally filtered by the Colorado artesian springs. This CBD-infused beverage contains Nanotechnology CBD and refreshing spring water. Not only is CBD extremely beneficial for our bodies, but so is water. Shockingly, most of the general population do not drink enough water every day. However, the more water we drink, the better. With the incorporation of CBD in this infused beverage, consumers can experience even more benefits.

In addition, the Nano water product utilizes nanotechnology. This works to turn the CBD molecule into tiny molecules referred to as nano-particles. These particles are nearly microscopic in size. However, the Nano CBD water enters the body’s blood-brain barrier at a rapid and effective rate to deliver optimal benefits. This product was lab-tested as well to show potential purchasers that it does not contain any contaminants, harmful ingredients, or byproducts. If interested, one bottle of this CBD-infused drink costs $4.00.

Nano Non-Dairy Creamer

Another popular CBD-infused drink by Infinite CBD is the Nano non-dairy creamer. This product comes in the flavors of French vanilla and Hazelnut. This unique product can be added into several drinks like coffee, hot cocoa, cappuccinos, and many others. The benefits of CBD are delivered to consumers for a much-needed medicinal and therapeutic boost at any time of the day.

The CBD creamer contains MCT oil thus giving the brain an energy jolt while helping individuals focus. The presence of MCT oils also adds to the benefits of CBD thus enhancing customers’ health and state of being after consumption. This CBD-infused beverage is harvested from organic coconuts, and MCT oil is used as a base. Additionally, it contains Nano CBD and other natural flavors.

One tablespoon of this product equates to 6.25 milligrams of Nano CBD. If you would like to try it out, it costs $16.03. Rest assured knowing that this product was lab-tested as well.

Overall, the demand for cannabis and CBD-infused drinks will keep increasing with time. These infused products are popular in the U.S. But, they are also commonly purchased in Canada and other European countries. Out of Infinite CBD’s three beneficial CBD-infused drinks, which one would you try first and why? Let us know in the comments below!


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