09 Feb 2018
CBD-infused chips.

DIY CBD-Infused Home-made Chips; Yum

CBD Home-made Chips Recipe

Do you have a favorite snack food or perhaps multiple favorite snack foods? Do you enjoy salty and crunchy snacks, sweet and savory snacks, or both? Nowadays, there’s countless snack foods available for us to munch on, and some are healthy whereas others aren’t so healthy. Regardless, we all have our favorites, and one common snack food are different kinds of chips. These chips could be sea salt flavored potato chips, barbeque chips, various tortilla chips, sweet potato chips, dried vegetable chips, kale chips, and the list goes on. However, what if there was an option to make your own home-made chips that are infused with CBD? Read on to find out how to make CBD-infused chips at home and what ingredients you’ll need.


Specific Ingredient Measurements

½ teaspoon Sea salt; depending on how salty you want the chips to be

¼ teaspoon Black pepper

1 ½ teaspoons Garlic powder

¼ teaspoon Cayenne pepper

1 ½ tablespoons Parsley

1 ½ teaspoon Oregano

½ teaspoon Dried dill weed

½ teaspoon or more Paprika; for garnish once the chips are done cooking

½ of a whole lemon

¼ cup to 1 cup of CBD Dropper; depending on how oily, buttery, and medically beneficial you want the chips to be

Last Steps for Making Home-made CBD-Infused Chips

Once all the ingredients are measured out, and once the CBD-infused butter and/or oil is made and/or ready to use, then, it’s time to move onto the execution stage. At this time, tear sheets of parchment paper, and place them onto the cooking trays. Then, place the sliced potatoes into a large mixing bowl. From here, combine all the spices and CBD-infused oil and/or butter with the sliced potatoes. Thoroughly coat the potatoes with the spices and CBD oil. Then, place sliced lemon wedges on the potato slices. Or, squeeze fresh lemon juice onto the potato slices.

From here, place the cooking trays into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and bake the chips for 5-15 minutes depending on how crunchy and crispy you want them. Also, if you have a newer oven, you may not need to cook the CBD-infused chips for as long as fifteen minutes. However, if your oven is older, and if it doesn’t provide extreme warmth, consider keeping the CBD-infused chips in the oven for more than fifteen minutes. It’s essential to check on the chips frequently to make sure they cook at the rate you’d like them to.

Lastly, once the CBD-infused chips are cooked to your liking, take them out, and sprinkle some paprika for garnish. However, this is optional, and you can use other ingredients based on what you like best. At this point, let the CBD-infused chips cool for another 5-10 minutes, and enjoy the medical benefits CBD contains alongside the other tasty ingredients.



  1. It say’s “once the CND oil/butter is made” How do you make the CBD oil? Or is it already set up if you purchase the CBD Dropper product mentioned above?

    1. Hi Kristian,

      You will not have to make the CBD oil/butter. If you purchase our Isolate Dropper, that should be all you need!


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