02 Jun 2018
CBD in Michigan.

CBD in Michigan; How Will these Regulatory Changes Impact You?

Cannabis and CBD in Michigan

In 2008 (one decade ago), Michigan residents approved of a medical marijuana program. Numerous Michigan residents consume medical marijuana for a variety of different medical conditions and diseases. According to recent state data, more than two percent of Michigan residents possess a medical marijuana card. Since 2012, the number of medical marijuana cardholders rose 76 percent, according to the same data. Despite the increase in patient cardholders, recently, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced a regulatory change regarding CBD in Michigan. Specifically, non-psychoactive CBD oil derived from the whole marijuana plant is now grouped under the state’s medical marijuana law.

What does this change mean for consumers and businesses though?

About Michigan’s New CBD Oil Regulations

In the recent past, CBD oil derived from hemp and the whole marijuana plant could be legally purchased by those without a medical marijuana card. Due to CBD’s vast medicinal properties and benefits, many Michigan residents consume this compound for its therapeutic and healing abilities. However, as of May 17th of this year, a major change took place regarding the legality of CBD in Michigan. Michigan regulators made a decision that affects not only Michigan residents and consumers, but businesses too.

As of last week (May 17th), Michigan’s market for marijuana products, particularly in oil form is only covered by the state’s medical marijuana laws. Now, CBD oil derived from marijuana and oil-based marijuana products are grouped under the state’s medical marijuana law. As a result of this decision, customers and businesses will suffer state-wide.

Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) stated that Michigan will only allow the sale of CBD oil derived from marijuana to patients with a medical marijuana card.

Although CBD in Michigan can be derived from hemp and the whole marijuana plant, the cannabinoid itself is non-psychoactive. Regardless, Michigan residents who used to purchase CBD oil derived from the whole plant cannot do so anymore unless they’re a registered medical marijuana patient.

Reasons to Use CBD in Michigan

Since Michigan’s medical marijuana program has been in place since 2008, many state residents are medical cardholders. There are numerous reasons why people consume cannabis and other cannabinoids including CBD. Due to CBD’s plethora of medicinal properties and benefits, recently, more people have started consuming the cannabinoid. Since 2008 though, qualifying patients/Michigan residents have had the opportunity to use this plant as medicine.

A handful of medical conditions/health issues that can be treated with cannabis and CBD includes chronic pain, inflammation, seizures/epilepsy, muscle spasms, PTSD, anxiety, depression, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. As time goes on, more studies are being released that demonstrate the medicinal value of cannabis and its counterparts like CBD.

What Do Michigan’s New CBD Oil Regulations Mean for Medical Patients?

In addition, medical marijuana patients can legally purchase CBD in Michigan derived from the whole plant. However, they can only purchase the oil at licensed Michigan dispensaries. For some patients, this change may not have a huge impact on their lives. For others though, this regulatory change could cause both frustration and inconvenience. This is especially the case because Michigan law places a limit on the amount of CBD oil a medical marijuana patient can purchase. The legal amount is just eight ounces of CBD oil. If patients are caught with more than this amount, it’s deemed illegal.

Not only are Michigan medical marijuana patients limited to where they can purchase CBD oil, they’re also capped at purchasing only eight ounces. Now, Michigan’s newly implemented policy requires people who sell, buy, and/or consume CBD oil to conform to the state’s medical marijuana laws.

What CBD Consumers & Businesses Can Do about Michigan’s New CBD Oil Regulations

In general, the new regulation/policy that was put into place resulted in concern and confusion amongst both Michigan residents and medical marijuana patients. For years, CBD oil derived from marijuana could be purchased by nearly anyone. This is no longer the case anymore, thus, widespread frustration has spread throughout the state.

However, this new regulation/policy can be challenged. Specifically, a medical marijuana patient and/or CBD oil seller can challenge the policy before an administrative law judge. On the other hand, a recreational marijuana proposal/ballot initiative may be on the state’s upcoming November ballot. Therefore, challenging this policy may not be necessary if residents have the opportunity to vote for recreational marijuana legalization.

Additional Details About Michigan’s New CBD Oil Regulations

Based on the advisory bulletin released earlier this month, CBD derived from the whole marijuana plant is now defined as marijuana under state law. Whether you’re selling, purchasing, or possessing CBD oil, it must follow Michigan’s marijuana licensing laws. Currently, Michigan’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation is undergoing application processing.

Specifically, Michigan is processing hundreds of applications regarding licensing medical marijuana related companies. Thus far, as of late April of this year, 459 applications were submitted for pre-qualification purposes. Additionally, 175 facility license applications were submitted. These numbers will most likely increase as time goes on. Overall though, Michigan is in the processing stage regarding issuing applications for transporting, selling, and growing marijuana.

Legally Grown Hemp for Research Purposes

Moreover, although CBD oil can be derived from industrial hemp, hemp cannot be used for sale or transfer in Michigan. However, under Michigan’s Industrial Hemp Research Act, industrial hemp can only be grown for research purposes. In other words, state law allows Michigan colleges and universities to grow industrial hemp for research. Even though the hemp that’s grown in Michigan cannot be sold or transferred, the research act is unique because people can learn more about this abundantly strong material.

Overall, Michigan’s new CBD oil regulations have already had a significant impact on consumers and businesses throughout the state. Although Michigan medical marijuana patients can legally purchase CBD oil derived from the whole marijuana plant, there are still limitations.



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