09 Jan 2019
Using CBD for yoga.

Week 2-CBD For Yoga; 31 Days of Health

CBD for Yoga

CBD for yoga. How will it benefit me?

There is no doubt we live in a fast-paced society which can cause undesirable stress and anxiety. There are many ways to help reduce stress in life like CBD or yoga. But when you combine the two, you can relax much deeper. For Week 2 of 31 Days of Health, we teamed up with Darrin Zeer to feature ways you can utilize CBD for yoga practice to help reduce stress at work and at home.

CBD for yoga is an essential part of practice more yogi should incorporate into their routine. Cannabis and yoga are a powerful combination but for those who do not want the high, utilizing CBD helps with flexibility and to reduce daily stress. Starting adding CBD for yoga in your routine.

Week 2; CBD for Yoga

Wednesday: Keyboard calisthenics

Take a quick break from typing, rub some Freezing Point on your hands, then stretch your hands and wrists.
Working on a computer day-after-day can be tiring for your finger, hand, and wrist muscles and joints. Adding some stretches with your hands and wrists can help to keep your fingers and hands working at their best ability.
Make Keyboard Calisthenics a habit and constantly stretch your hands and wrists.
How To:
With hands in prayer position, move in all directions.
Squeeze fists tight.
Stretch fingers wide.
Interlace fingers and rotate hands.

Thursday: Open Chest Stretch

It’s Friday Eve and you’re anticipating the weekend but still have a pile of work to do. An Open Chest Stretch will give you a much needed posture adjustment and boost of energy. To fully get through your Thursday, keep a NANO CBD Water on your desk.
How To:
Sit near the edge of the chair.
Hold the sides of the seat.
Gently stretch up and forward.
Open your chest and tilt your head back.
Relax and breathe into the stretch

Friday: Meditation

The end of the work week is officially upon us but you still need to deal with your co-workers. Do some meditation. Enjoy a few drops of our Dropper and do nothing. Clear the mind of all thoughts and just take a moment to meditate and relax.
How To:
Allow yourself to do nothing and be completely bored.

Saturday: Yoga in bed

Who says you have to get out of bed to do yoga?
Wake up with your daily amount of CBD and some gentle stretches. Since you just woke up, remember to do them slowly, breathe deeply, and relax. This is the perfect way to start your Saturday full of errands, hanging with friends, or house work. Start the day out with some stretching.
How To:
Lie on the back in bed.
Bring both knees to your chest and wrap your arms around them.
Breathe deeply and feel your lower back release.
Drop both knees from one side, keeping your shoulders flat; relax.
Gently bring both legs back up, and switch sides.
Knees at your chest again, rock back and forth.
If you can, raise up into a forward bend, chest out, upper body stretching forward.
Take hold of your legs.
Relax your shoulders and drop your head.
Take several deep full-body breaths, stretching a little further each time. Don’t push it.

Sunday: Yoga for couch potatoes

Even while you are lounging around, incorporating yoga can help keep you relaxed to fully enjoy your weekend. Adding CBD for yoga will help you to relax more, offering a clearer head. While reading a book or watching TV, these yoga moves focus on your breathe to relax.
How To:
While Watching TV
Sit on floor.
Bend your legs and bring the soles of your feet together, close to your body.
Grab your feet with your hands, and gently lower your knees.
Raise your chest and breathe.
While Reading a Book
Sit on floor.
Stretch your legs out straight and wide apart.
Slowly walk your hands down your legs.
Gently raise chest up.
Take a few deep breaths, then drop your head and shoulders down.
Breathe and relax.

Monday: Ragdoll pose

After your Monday meetings, let it all out and re-energize with the Ragdoll Pose. To get through your Monday we highly suggest consuming some CBD products but sometimes a nice stretch is much needed. Ragdoll will allow you to release it all and bring you back to your work feeling refreshed.
How To:
Take a deep breath.
Arms straight up and stretch.
Relax your head and shoulders and take deep full-body breaths.
Let everything sag toward the ground while still bent over.
Return to standing position by slowly walking hands up legs.

Tuesday: Email meditation

Taking a few seconds out of the day to breathe deep and relax is necessary to get through the work week. While you are reading emails, it is a great time to consume some CBD for yoga and meditate.
How To:
While reading emails, remember to breathe slowly and focus your attention on your breath. Make the out-breath two times longer than the in-breath. This will immediately calm you.

Wednesday: Meditation

You made it through half of the week. Congratulate yourself, take some CBD, and practice come Breathing Meditation. Before heading out of work, it is important to take a few breaths and relax. You don’t want to bring your work stress home therefore taking some time to focus on breathing before you head home is essential.
How To:
Place one hand on your belly.
Breathe slow and deep.
Feel your hand rise and fall.
Let your shoulders drop.
Feel your body relax and renew.

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About Darrin Zeer: Darrin Zeer is America’s Relaxation Expert and author of Office Yoga and Lover’s Yoga. He has practiced yoga for over 20 years and is a certified yoga therapist. When he or his clients utilize CBD for yoga, it helps both mentally and physically with yoga practice.

Note: Yoga information was provided by Darrin Zeer via the book Office Yoga.


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