26 Apr 2018

Select Companies Plan to Administer CBD for Pets in Canada

CBD for Pets in Canada; Is it Right for Your Animal?

Do you have a pet dog or cat at home? Have you heard of using CBD for pets in Canada?

If you are a pet owner, incorporating CBD to your pets diet could be beneficial. Many U.S. households have a dog, cat, or both. However, in Canada, many households have dogs and cats too. In particular, it’s estimated that approximately 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs are in Canada. Similarly, it’s estimated that approximately 35 percent of Canadian households have a dog and 38 percent have a cat.

Although these animals can be fun and loving, they can also get sick like us. Rather than being treated with pharmaceutical drugs, some animals are treated with CBD. Recently, a few Canadian companies have announced that they’ll administer CBD products to pet dogs and cats.

CBD for Pets in Canada: Reasons for Usage

Currently, CBD is used by humans to treat various medical conditions. Many of these medical conditions and health problems include inflammation, muscle and/or joint pain, seizures, cancer, and chronic pain. Even though dogs and cats cannot verbally communicate with humans, it’s possible for them to experience these kinds of health issues too. Thus, due to CBD’s safety, effectiveness, and non-psychoactive properties, some veterinarians are willing to prescribe CBD for pets in Canada.

CBD as an Alternative Medicine

Depending on where you live, different CBD oils, supplements, and treats are available for both people and animals. So far, though, different veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada have suggested that animals can consume CBD products for varying medical reasons. For example, CBD can be used in place of pharmaceutical medications to treat pain and anxiety. According to market research findings through surveys of Canadian pet owners and veterinarians, the following was stated: “About half (51 percent) of dog owners and 58 percent of cat owners claim their pets have no health issues or seem to be in perfect health.”

The remainder of pet owners that were surveyed believe their pets experience different health issues to some extent. Therefore, alternative forms of medicine are being considered such as CBD. Not only can CBD improve humans’ quality of life and well-being, it can do that for animals too. Due to the significantly large pet market in Canada, certain Canadian companies have shared their plans to offer CBD for pets in Canada.

Canadian Companies Offer CBD For Pets in Canada

Moreover, Canada has been moving through their final stages before cannabis becomes federally legal this summer. Recently, though, different Canadian companies have shared their plan to administer CBD products to pets. This past week, press releases were made regarding Canadian companies’ plans to launch and strengthen CBD product options for pets.

CBD as a Potential Treatment Option for Pets

For those who don’t know, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system just like us. Therefore, their bodies can respond to different cannabinoids like CBD. Due to the side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs, more American and Canadian pet owners have turned towards CBD. The pet market in Canada alone is huge, and the pet CBD market is significant as well. This is one main reason why several Canadian companies are trying to get at the forefront of this evolving industry.

Overall, if you have a dog, cat, or both, consider learning more about CBD and how it can provide medical relief to them and/or improve their quality of life. In the meantime though, check out our line of quality CBD products to find a few medically beneficial options that could work for you.


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