06 Sep 2019
CBD for migraines

CBD for Migraines – Can CBD Help?

Did you know that migraines are the second most common type of primary headaches? On top of this, the World Health Organization listed migraines as the sixth highest cause of days lost because of disability on a global scale. Although migraines affect everyone differently, some of its most common symptoms can have a negative impact on one’s life. Aside from using pharmaceutical medications, what if certain natural remedies like Cannabidiol helped treat migraines? Consuming CBD for migraine treatment is a natural choice that has been gaining more momentum recently.

Causes of Migraines

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, there are different causes for migraines and its symptoms. For example, some researchers and doctors believe that migraine symptoms are caused by fluctuations in blood flow to the brain. Although this may not be the sole cause of a migraine, changes in blood flow and blood vessels could add to the pain an individual experiences. 

Also, chemical compounds including estrogen and serotonin play a significant part in the area of migraine pain sensitivity. One of the roles of consuming cannabinoids such as CBD is to balance out the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and achieve homeostasis. Therefore, it is possible that after consuming CBD, the ECS may achieve homeostasis. This can help reduce migraine pain. However, migraine pain may also occur because of waves of activity by clusters of excitable brain cells.

As a result, chemicals like serotonin are triggered. This leads to narrowed blood vessels. Once serotonin and/or estrogen levels change, many people experience migraines as a result. In addition, research findings have suggested that once estrogen levels increase and then decrease, changes occur. Specifically, contractions in blood vessels may be triggered resulting in throbbing and pulsing pain. Let’s not forget that there are migraine triggers too. Reduce many of these symptoms by consuming CBD. Some triggers include poor sleeping patterns, stress, depression, anxiety, environmental conditions, and even different foods and beverages.

Consuming CBD for Migraine Alleviation and/or Reduction

Over the years, research findings have revealed CBD’s analgesic properties. This medical benefit applies to relieving pain due to migraines and/or other accompanying symptoms. Not only are migraines known to cause uncomfortable pain, but many people suffer from additional symptoms too. These can include nausea, vomiting, irritability, and even sensitivity to light and noise. Fortunately, though, CBD’s anti-nausea and anti-emetic benefits can help in this area while also working to alleviate migraine pain. 

In recent years, many U.S. states have legalized cannabis medically or recreationally. As a result, numerous studies have been conducted about the efficacy of cannabis in treating various medical issues including headaches. So far, it has been found that CBD can help reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. Due to this finding, it is possible that CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can be applied to treating migraines too.

Research Findings Focused on Using CBD for Migraine Relief

Furthermore, other research findings have revealed cannabis’s beneficial impact on reducing migraine frequency. Although this finding focuses on cannabis rather than solely CBD, this shows potential nonetheless. Last but not least, one study found that CBD was effective in the area of headache-related conditions. The same study also demonstrated CBD’s analgesic potential. Again, this indicates CBD’s ability to combat pain caused by migraines. 

Based on these findings and several others, more people have taken an interest in using CBD for migraine treatment. If you are one of 39 million Americans who suffer from migraines, would you consider consuming CBD for migraine reduction? Let us know your thoughts on incorporating CBD for migraine relief below!

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