15 Aug 2019
CBD for inflammation

CBD for Inflammation

Throughout the country, CBD has made its way onto the main-stage of prominent markets. Whether it be CBD-infused recipes or a new take on skin care routines, this popular cannabinoid continues to gain popularity and validity as customer testimonials pour in. Many consumers have heard the amazing benefits CBD can provide, but are unaware that using CBD for inflammation can be more effective than modern medications.

Skeptics view this cannabinoid as “this generations snake oil,” giving this chemical nowhere near the respect it deserves. While skeptics can be right in some cases, the science does not back-up those who detest CBD and all it can do for the human body. 

Common Uses

At Infinite CBD, our mission is to promote and sustain a product line capable of meeting a wide range of customer standards and uses. Some are looking for an escape from chronic pains, while others want to lessen the social anxiety of heading to a party. How you use CBD is unique to your situation, as everyone is vastly different – from lifestyle choices to hereditary health conditions. With CBD, consumers are able to reduce their issues naturally while elevating their overall health through exercise of the endocannabinoid system. 

Per our customer testimonials and recent studies, CBD has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Further, research shows to help chronic pains and wounds, stabilize mood, regulate appetite, extend workouts, sooth sore joints and muscles, and even lessen the effects of too much THC.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, almost sounds too good to be true. However, the majority of our customers use CBD for inflammation – which is where many capabilities lie.

The Core of CBD and Inflammation 

At its very core, research demonstrates CBD is is an anti-inflammatory. Offering similar effects as Ibuprofen. Ironically, inflammation is an extremely necessary function of the human body. Inflammation can, at times, cause soreness, headaches, and a range of other uncomfortable complications. Simply put, inflammation is your body’s defense system against traumatic occurrences. As you encounter something “unnatural” or unfamiliar to the body, it begins to swell as an act of defense. This defense throws white blood cells where they’re needed and reducing the spread of toxins throughout the body. When using CBD for inflammation, it can help regulate these inconsistencies. 

A perfect example of common inflammation would be a mosquito bite. The poison of the mosquito doesn’t directly cause the puffy, red bump that appears later on. Your body recognizes an unknown toxin and bloated the area to keep it as contained as possible. While contained, the amount of white blood cells in that singular area increase exponentially – creating discomfort and aiding symptoms such as itching or intense heat. 

Types of Inflammations

Using CBD for inflammation can be a major step in achieving overall health. Consumers report that their daily intake of CBD can dramatically resolve a range of issues. In the list below, we’ve pointed out the most popular forms of inflammation that can be treated with CBD.

Brain – Your brain can experience inflammation just like the rest of your body! Unfortunately, the side effects of constant inflammation can lead to anxiety, depression, poor memory, poor memory retention/recall and, in some cases, Alzheimer’s Disease Disease

Cardiovascular – When your heart experiences inflammation, some common occurrences include heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure and anemia

Muscle – Inflammation within the muscles can lead to extreme discomfort and pain. A popular aftermath of an overly inflamed muscle would be carpal tunnel

Bones – Bone inflammation can be rather serious if gone untreated. One of the most well known disorders that can sprout after ignoring constant bone inflammation is osteoporosis. 

Skin – In honor of Psoriasis Awareness Month, we want to be sure you keep your skin at peek health to avoid complications. With the administration of regular doses of CBD, you can fend off the potential of developing psoriasis by taking your skin health to the next level. Check out our Afterglow CBD Healing Oil if you haven’t already! 

Thyroid – Thyroid inflammation can dramatically effect your hormonal balances if gone untreated. 

Lungs – Allergies and asthma quickly follow untreated lungs. Excessive coughing or constant dryness of the throat are common symptoms that your lungs are inflamed.

GI Tract – Easily inflamed, the GI Tract is built to withstand some serious inflammation. However, individuals with sensitivity to spices and acidic foods have been known to develop conditions such as GERD, or Crohn’s Disease

Kidneys – In rare cases, unattended kidney inflammation can lead to serious medical complications and, in some cases, death. You can avoid over-inflammation by avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

Liver – Inflammation within the liver can lead to an enlarged, uncomfortable liver or “fatty liver disease.”

How to Use CBD for Inflammation

Thankfully, this is totally up to you! We do have some suggestions, but we want to make sure your CBD intake fits your existing lifestyle. 

For those with inflammation on the skin, we would recommend a topical application of CBD. Try incorporating Nano Enhancer or Isolate Droppers into your favorite lotions to give it the extra boost it needs. Or, if you’re looking for a more simplified application, our Afterglow CBD Healing Oil can be applied directly to the skin for fast results. 

For internal inflammation, the regular intake of CBD can keep inflammation at bay. Whether this be an Isolate Capsule every morning or a CBD-infused cup of tea at night, keep CBD handy for general health at all times!




  1. I have nerve pain from Shingles. It’s terribly painful. Will it take my pain away using topical CBD ointment?

    1. Hi Flora, Thank you for reaching out to us on our blog! CBD is great for helping to relieve any pain and inflammation you may be experiencing. Our Freezing Point topical cream and salve are ideal for those seeking immediate relief. While moisturizing the skin, users can feel the impact of topical CBD on inflammation, chronic pain, and sore muscles and joints within minutes. With CB receptors in the skin, a topical application offers direct and localized application of CBD. We hope this information is helpful! Please reach out with any further questions you may have about our topical products!


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