10 Sep 2019
CBD for beauty

Elevating Skincare with CBD for Beauty Products

Thinking about trying CBD for beauty products?

As the industry continues to grow, CBD products have been introduced to many diverse markets. These include but are not limited to; the pet industry, athletics, sports, candy and even beauty. Infinite CBD continues to dedicate time to researching this powerful cannabinoid, aiming to find a wider range of uses for customers.

Research has shown many uses for CBD. One of them being CBD for beauty. Some consumers report extreme inflammation reduction, while others use cannabidiol for  things like anxiety and depression. However, clinical trials have shown that not only can CBD be used for overall skin health, but it has the potential to help reduce common imperfections in the skin – such as acne, for example. These are the major reasons why CBD has found its way next to and is commonly paired with popular beauty products. 

Utilizing CBD for Beauty Products the Potential Benefits

CBD for beauty is no coincidence. Research has shown many different ways to utilize cannabidiol. Many of which provide benefits for overall skin health and rejuvenation. While consumers have the right idea when looking deep into their skin care products, their origins and ingredients, customers can trust that the introduction of CBD to a skin care routine will only elevate their experience. 


Through research and customer testimonials, consumers have reported their positive reactions to administering CBD for beauty related issues like acne. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol are able to reduce pimple size and drastically reduce the signs of redness. By suppressing the irritation, it leaves your body full range to attack the blemish and eliminate it all together. 


While some use makeup to cover up their signs of aging, adding CBD for beauty skincare can help individuals embrace their natural selves. Research shows that collagen production begins to decrease somewhere around mid-20s – early 30s. However, studies on the relationship between CBD and collagen show that production becomes stimulated, increasing the amount of collagen your body is able to make for itself. With this kind of improvement, CBD-infused products can theoretically decrease common signs of aging!

Even Tone

Finding a decent product to help even out the tones of your skin can be tricky. With CBD, the anti inflammatory properties not only help reduce the appearance of traditional inflammation, but it helps even out blood circulation and distribution. With an even flow, the blood within the facial tissue will not find common places to settle. Instead, your body will work to flush out any inconsistencies once it is met with an absorbed CBD particle. 

Skin Repair

Dry and unkempt skin can be severely prone to have micro damages. These turn into the perfect pockets for bacteria and other unwelcome guests to reside and build up, leading to infections and an uneven appearance. When utilizing CBD for overall skin health, customers can expect an overall improvement in the retention of moisture within the skin. 

Hair Health

Not only can CBD be beneficial to hair health, but the hair on the top of your head isn’t the only thing it can assist with. If you hadn’t noticed, our faces are covered in micro hairs, pretty evenly distributed across the skin. Some have come to hate it, others love it. Popularly referred to as facial “peach fuzz,” these hair follicles are just as prone to blockage as any other. When using CBD, it acts the same as it would in our Hair Plasma. It helps rejuvenate the skin, promoting a healthy follicle and hair strand. 

Where Do I Start?

It’s simple! Depending on your desired effects, Infinite CBD is home to products that are water and oil soluble. For those looking to enhance a soap or moisturizer, our team would recommend adding Afterglow, Isolate Droppers or Dark Matter to the desired products. For those who would rather skip out on oil-based anything, we have our Nano Enhancer. This water-soluble product can we added to all of your favorite beauty products for your own CBD for beauty recipes.

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